How To Download Facebook Chat App To Samsung Android Phone

If you are interested in Facebook chat on your Samsung phone, all you need to do is to download Facebook Messenger to your Samsung Android phone. The Fb Messenger allows you to message a friend or start group conversations enabling you choose to include your location, share photos and more.

The fb chat application will enable you access your messages and chats as seamless conversations — wherever you log into Facebook and also get free push notifications on your phone, so you see each message as soon as it arrives.

You can message friends who aren’t using the Messenger mobile app as those people will receive chats and messages you send wherever they log into Facebook.

How To Get Facebook Messenger

==> Visit on your Samsung Android phone


==> Get it here from Google Play (formerly Android market)

NOTE: The Messenger is free to download, and it uses your existing data plan. Don't want to share your location? You can turn it off with one click.

Download Facebook Messenger for PC here.

Have fun!


Anonymous said…
Thanks. it makes sense. Fast and so easy to send pictures