How To Decode A Modem

If you have a locked internet modem and would like to use the SIM card of any network with it, you can easily get this done by unblocking the modem directly with a modem unlocking software or using a generated unlock code to decode the modem.
Huawei modems can easily be unlocked compared to ZTE modems. If you enter the imei number of your huawei modem into an huawei unlocker, the unlock code will be generated for you which you will use in decoding your modem. There are also some websites where you can generate modem unlock codes online.

Once you have the unlocking code, write it or save it somewhere. Then, insert ANOTHER SIM card (apart from the original network that originally works with it) into your modem. You will be prompted with a bar to fill in the Unlock code. (It usually gives 10 attempts). Just input the unlock code. That's All.

Thereafter, you will have to create new profiles for the networks you want to be using on the modem. If you are a Nigerian, you can check "Steps to take after unlocking your modem" for info on how to create internet settings for your modem.

If your modem is a ZTE modem e.g etisalat zte modem, you can check out this tutorial on Nairaland on how to use dccrap in unlocking zte modem. You will also find the download link of the dccrap software on the thread.

Below are snapshots of  two different unlockers:


Wondering how you will know if your modem is Huawei or ZTE? Just look at the body of the modem.

If you have an huawei modem, you can drop your imei number via the comment form below and I will reply you with the unlock code. If you don't know it, you can check out this video on how to get the imei number of a modem.



  1. Bukunmi6/09/2012

    Thanks alot for the brief explanation and for sharing the link to the dccrap

    1. You welcome. thanks for the appreciation

  2. Is there a way to unlock the stubborn Huawei E173?

  3. Anonymous7/25/2012

    Hello Mr Jide, i read your writeup, you are doing a wonderful work in helping we illiterate to know some things. Thank you, i have the same request too. I have a Huawei Modem too, Model E1550, HSPDA USB Stick with IMEI no 356052045308187. which i like to unlock also.
    I want to be using other network Sim to browse in it. Thank you
    Mr Adeyemi

  4. Anonymous8/02/2012

    please can i get huawei k3770 IMEI?

  5. Anonymous8/08/2012

    pls what is the unlocking code for huawei e173 with imei 860015015881532

  6. Anonymous8/18/2012

    Boss, thanks for the efforts. Please help me with unlocking code for Huawei E960 with IMEI: 357195012403991. Thanks in Advance.

    Kwame, Accra Ghana

  7. Anonymous9/15/2012

    weldone bros..... plz my broda enta wrong unlock code while trying to unlock my modem... plz is der any solution to it. my imei number 867648010511143...... i was directed by thank u

  8. Anonymous10/14/2012

    please i want to decode my modem.please kindly help me.

  9. Anonymous10/25/2012

    Please sir, help me and unlock my ETISALAT FASTLINK ZTE MODEM with IMEI: 861424012427480, AND MTN with IMEI: 357534044049473. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

  10. Anonymous12/01/2012

    Many thanks Jide, i can now unlock my Huawei 3G Modem. God bless u as u help me do it. My IMEI No. 867648010088068, MTN Fastlink E303 HSPA USB Stick

  11. Anonymous12/12/2012

    please kindly decode my modem for me.
    i would be really relieved of wasting money to buy glo credit.
    my IMEI No.867648010899761

  12. I'm going to try it now


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