How To Fund Liberty Reserve Account With Naira in Nigeria

If you have opened a liberty reserve account and don't know how to add funds into your LR account, it is quite easy and not a rocket science at all. All you need is a reliable liberty reserve exchanger. There are many LR exchangers in Nigeria that will accept Naira from you and fund your LR account with the equivalent US Dollars.

If you do not know what Liberty reserve is, well, it is an account-based e-currency system in which you can store your money in American dollars, European EUROs and transfer payments to other people and receive payments from others. You can use LR to pay for products/services at some websites, trade forex, buy domain names/hosting, likewise football trading, Liberty Reserve investments etc

To fund your LR account, visit the website of a reliable liberty reserve exchanger and check their exchange rates. The rate for a LR USD to the naira for funding can be between NGN190 - N160. It is not fixed.

If you are OK with the exchange rate of an exchanger, you can sign up with the exchanger, pay the Naira equivalent of the LR you want into their bank account, notify them of your payment and wait for your LR account to be credited with the equivalent amount in US Dollars. Once credited, you can log in to your account to use your funds for whatever you want.

Where To Buy Liberty Reserve in Nigeria

Below are some websites where you can fund your Liberty Reserve account in Nigeria. At these websites, you pay in Naira to their bank accounts and they will fund your Liberty Reserve account with the equivalent amount of LR. They always have a calculator on their sites, which enables you to calculate how many LR you get for the amount of Naira you want to pay.

Liberty reserve will normally charge a fee when you fund your account but it would be about 1% of the amount. You can view for a list of their fees. The good thing is that you don't pay any fee for sending.

1. Epay    Nigeria : { You can even pay via ATM }
2. GoldNaira Exchange :  {Listed on LR website}
3. EPayment Service : 
4. Gold Nigeria  : 
5. ENaira:            
6. EPayMonster;   
7. InstantGoldNG: 
8. NairaExchangeRates:

Note: The order in which i list them above doesn't mean Number 1 is better than number 5. The numbering is useless. So, disregard it.

==> I am in no way affiliated to them and any business you do with them is at your own risk.  You can always give them a try with a small investment.

If the websites terms and conditions are stressful to you, I also have friends that can fund your LR account for you without stress. Feel free to contact me.

If you have anything to share with regards to the listed websites above or you know other websites that exchange Naira for Liberty Reserve , feel free to use the comment form below this post.


  1. Great info there but the fee is not clear to me. You said LR will charge a fee if I fund but will not charge any fee when I send. So, how am I going to pay the fee when I fund my account?

    1. If you request for an exchanger to fund your Liberty reserve account, LR will remove the fee from the $$$ the exchanger will transfer to your account.

  2. when you purchase from a seller, you will be charged a few %,so you wont be getting exact amount you purchased..
    You being the seller-The same is applicable to u and the buyer
    Needing to buy LR and Quick Funding -Reach me 08029812395/08034604147

  3. Boss good job you have done here.... But you forget oooo

    Your one stop reliable exchanger!

    I received a mail from syskay systems telling me to renew my domain- Wazobiablog.

    I guess I can go ahead and renew?
    Thanks boss... long time

    1. I wished to include it but forgot the url. Thanks for sharing it now. Well, as for the domain name, you can go ahead to renew it sir.

  4. Please help me to fund my LR account without the hassle of scanning utility bills as stipulated on the exchangers' website. My email :
    Please tell me the exchange rate and the commission. I.E cost of the funding via your friends

    1. send me an email and I will reply you.

  5. Pls can u shed more light on "Liberty Reserve investments"
    you mentioned above?

    1. Simply means any program that involves you paying some funds with LR in order to make profit with the invested fund. Be careful as there are now many Liberty reserve investments out there that are not real.

  6. Anonymous9/09/2012

    Comrade thanks alot for that info plz explain how u can convert ur money from liberty reserve to naira with lesser % of risk.Also can I in any way change in bank.My e-mail is NEWTON!

  7. Pls,i just open an liberty account and i havnt use it 4 any transaction b4 nd now i want to request a payment into the account thru d company im workin with

  8. Anonymous2/13/2013

    What about TruexGOLD? Are they ok.

  9. and is a verified exchanger by Liberty Reserve too.


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