How To Take Screenshot When Browsing With Opera Mini on Blackberry

In one of my Blackberry tips, I recommended ScreenGrabber app as an alternative to ScreenMuncher for capturing screens of Blackberry. In one of the comments, it was brought to my notice that while browsing with Opera mini on Blackberry, you can't grab the screen because if you press the BlackBerry icon key, the "menu" will not come up, hence you can't see the "Sreeen Grabber" option. In this tutorial, I am sharing with you, how I use screenGrabber in taking screenshots while using Opera Mini on my BB.


Set your Convenience Key to Screen Grabber for quick access and whenever you want to capture the screen while using your Opera Mini, just press the convenience key.

Don't Know How To Set Convinience Keys?

Most BlackBerry® devices have one convenience key on the left side of the device and one on the right side. I set the one on the left side of my BB to launch "SreenGrabber" anytime I press it. Setting the convenience keys on BB varies with devices but you can try the steps below:

  ==> From the home screen of your BB, go to the device options, click Screen/Keyboard OR from the device options, go to "device" ==> "Convenience keys"
  ==> Set the Right Side Convenience Key Opens or Left Side Convenience Key Opens fields to "ScreenGrabber".

  ==> Press the Menu key.
  ==> Click Save.

Anytime you want to capture the screen while using Opera Mini, press the convinience key you set and check the "Screen Grabs" folder under "Pictures" for the screen shot image.

I hope this helps.

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