The New Nokia Asha TouchScreen Phones: Asha 305, 306 and 311 Plus Prices

Last year October, Nokia rolled out its Asha lines of feature phones(Asha 200, 201, 300 and 303) and now it's rolling out the first three members of the newly created Asha Touch family of handsets ( pictured below): the Nokia Asha 305, Asha 306, and Asha 311.

The beautifully crafted Nokia Asha 311 is a fast and fluid 3.5G capacitive touchscreen device, powered by a 1GHz processor to provide a great internet experience. The bright and edgy Nokia Asha 305 is a fun and affordable phone, featuring the exclusive Easy Swap dual SIM. Its sister, the Nokia Asha 306, is a single SIM model, which features wi-Fi and becomes Nokia's most affordable Wi-Fi handset to date. They all pack the Nokia Browser 2.0 and free games from EA.

Nokia Asha 305 will begin shipping in Q2 with a price tag in the $85 US range while Nokia Asha 306 and 311 will follow in the third quarter, priced at $93 and $121, respectively.

Check the press release here and videos for a closer look at the phones.


  1. Anonymous6/07/2012

    Lovely cheap phones but I will still prefer a Samsung Galaxy Pocket as a phone within the price range of these Asha phones because of the "Android OS". I am tired of Symbian.

    1. Yes, Galaxy Pocket is cool but you cant compare the battery to that of Nokia.

  2. lovely phone from Nokia, i am considering to buy this phone to make it easier for my blog update uisng the phone

    1. what makes you think it will make updating your blog easier for you?

  3. These are really nice set of handset by Nokia, people had already said i don't have a social life but i think they are wrong coz, i ll get one to enhance my social life, Thanks i really love the info.

  4. Anonymous9/02/2012

    pls do u hv an idea of d price of asha 311?

  5. Anonymous9/07/2012

    pls, how can i get d asha 311 and how much is it?

  6. Anonymous9/18/2012

    i want to know the present price of asha 200 and c5 with warranty
    mail it to me thru this E-mail ADDRESS, i need to hav it as quick as possible so to enable me buy it now i hav the money


  7. Anonymous10/22/2012

    can i download watsup application?

  8. Anonymous10/28/2012

    Purchasing the asha 311 from nokia company and buying it in a phone shop which is cheaper


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