Verifying Adsense Account Using Phone Number and Proof Verification Methods

This is a guest post by Praiz Josh. 

You might not believe what you're about to read right now but, it's actually true. I registered for Google Adsense around late december 2010 and got approved by January 2011. After I got approved, I waited like everyone who applied for the Google Adsense Programme for my PIN to verify my account but it didn't come. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months but still, I didn't receive my PIN.

After I had waited for about 6 months without getting my PIN, I requested for another to be generated, this second PIN still didn't arrive at my door step. I waited at home for another 6 months for the second PIN hoping that it would get to me that time but, it never came. I was even thinking my contact details were incorrect; I corrected my postal address, house address and phone no. I actually requested for my PIN three times. It was some months later after I had requested for the third PIN, it all happened.

On one faithful morning, I received a message from Google Adsense that they've begun to serve unpaid ads on my account because it hasn't been verify and after a short period of time, my account would be disabled. At that moment, I woke up from my dream to face reality.

After searching for ways by which I could verify my adsense account without receiving my PIN via my postal address, I bumped into a very helpful work-a-round on the Adsense Help Forum .

Here are the two steps I took to verify my Google Adsense Account:

1. Phone Number Verification

This is very easy to undertake. What you'll need to do is:

==> Visit
==> Fill in the form with genuine details in the required fields (Name,  Email Address, Publisher ID...)

==>  In the Phone No field, make sure the phone number you're giving corresponds with your account information in your Adsense account.

==> Click Submit

2. Proof Verification

This is kinda tricky but it's actually very helpful.

==>  Visit
==>  Fill in your Name, Email address and publisher ID in the required fields. (Your publisher id looks more like this=>  "pub-2451xxxxxxxxxx" )

==>  In the attachment section, you'll need to attach a text file containing your personal details in this format:

  Contact Address:
  Phone No:
  Email Address:
  Publisher ID:
  Postal Address:

  * To easily create a text document, runs the Notepad on your PC (win + R and type notepad).

==> Click Submit.

NOTE: You can also upload a photocopy of your Driver's license, national ID card instead of the text file.

You'll get a reply under 7 working days. But in my case, I got my account verified under 3 days.

I hope this helps.

If you've got any suggestion or question concerning this article, kindly relay your comments in the box below.

This post was written by Praiz Josh.  He blogs at You can follow him on Twitter @praizjosh.


  1. Great post there. Thanks alot for sharing the direct link to upload the proof if identity. I just bookmarked it. Thanks

    1. You welcome. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Nice post. Just tried the phone verification. lets see how it goes.

    1. Thanks, kindly keep me posted.

  3. Prof Jide, you too much bro! I've come to say thaaaaaank you for sharing this most helpful post just in time. I tried it and within 48 hrs adsense ads started reappearing on my blog pages again, after exactly one and a quarter years Google stopped serving ads on my blog.
    Thank you Jide. I'm so grateful. Kudos and more power to your busy elbow. This post really helps.
    Unfortunately, Google said they will stop serving ads to my blog again if I fail to submit the PIN by 17th July this year.

    1. In am glad to know ads are back to your blog. if you have a PO box, use it as your address as this will guarantee delivery of your PIN.

  4. this is a very useful post. waiting for the mail to arrive takes a while...

  5. I read it today, got my phone number verified today, adsense solved my pin issue today and after 3years of complaints/worries.. I can say that I'm free. Thanks.. You did help a whole lot!

  6. thanks for sharing, i just bookmark that and now waiting great lucky reply. thanks again.
    anyone knows about other online earning sites likes adsense???? please inform me as i am in trouble.....

  7. please does it mean that after the above i do not need the pin verification again?

  8. Work like #Magic Jide u too much boss!

  9. still waiting for their reply... mean while thanks for this lovely post

  10. wow!! yes dont be suprised i comment again...i submitted everytin as highlighted above.. guess wat? i got reply in 30min... it like adsense av been waiting for me bfor...tanks alot for this post it really help

  11. Nice Article. I have a USA Adsense Account Pending ID Verification.
    Pls can This Work For It and is this Tutorial stil Valid? Help Pls!!!

  12. Great tips Bro, I’ve suffered from the same problem, but the solution doesn’t meet after search many the blogs, and finally get your site or get the result, thanks for a solved problem of mine and enjoyed to read!

  13. bro i just came about this post, i want too ask that can i use it for my u.s and u.k adsense too ?

    i blog at

  14. Nice post.
    But after this phone number verification, do you still need the pin?
    I blog @ HowWriter

  15. Please sir can I apply this process to my new adsense..... And please it not up to two weeks, adsense ask me to verify my USA adsnese please can I use it for my USA adsnese...

    1. You could try it also. Do well to feed us back on the result.


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