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Where to Buy Domain Names with Naira and Liberty Reserve in Nigeria

Written By Jide Ogunsanya

If you are a Nigerian, you can register a cheap domain name and host your website/blog online with ease if you do not have a paypal account or credit card to make payments at hostgator, namecheap etc.  This is possible because there are now many Nigerian web hosting companies that accept payments in Naira.

Today, I am introducing to you, web4africa.net; a company that has been offering quality web hosting and domain name registration since 2002. I registered my domain name; www.ogbongeblog.com with the company since September 2009 and have never experienced any issue with them.

Apart from the fact that web4africa.net offers high-quality services to clients worldwide including liberty reserve domain registration, the company offers more payment methods than any other service provider in Africa. Web4africa accepts Credit/debit cards, e-checks, Paypal, Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, local bank deposit (via UBA & Ecobank in Ghana and GTBank in Nigeria ).

As at the time of publishing this, web4africa offers full DNS management. Hence, you can do whatever you want with your domain name. This made it possible for me to easily setup m.ogbongeblog.com and also set up a custom email for my domain name .

Check out www.web4africa.net Now!

If you have ever used web4africa.net to host your blog/website, kindly share your experience and also feel free to share other web-hosting companies you can recommend.


Written By Jide Ogunsanya on June 2, 2012

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  1. Kingsley6/03/2012

    I have also been using Web4africa.net for a while now but Syskay.com offers domain name at a cheaper price.

    1. Yes, Syskay.com offers domain name at cheaper price than web4africa but you won't have access to full DNS management.

  2. Then, there is also this company I have use so much and they never failed. It is www.lagoshost.com

    I have 5 blogs with them and they recently introduced LR.

    1. Noted. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I successfully transfered my domain from taprap to web4africa within last week, what amazed me is how my domain started working immediatelty after finishing my DNS settings. Web4africa is great

    1. I am glad to see your blog back online. Keep it up man. Happy blogging!

  4. HI,

    I use www.hdwebprovider.com for ovcer 5 years now. They often have special discounts and all things like DNS, Records, WHOIS, Free email etc are included for no extra charge when you order a domain.

  5. hellow what for other is goddady beat for them??

  6. i bought a domain name from web4africa.net and am having problem to add it in my blog

    1. contact web4africa support or contact me via email

  7. SOJhost also offers Liberty Reserve payment method for their domain purchase. Also, they offer full DNS Management for their domain.


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