Download Scrabble Games for iPad

Playing games on the iPad is one of the things I love doing whenever I don't feel like blogging and chatting on Facebook. The Apple iPad battery is strong enough for you not to worry about the battery when playing games on it. I have loads of games on my iPad, some of which I shared with you when I published "Free iPad Games You Can Download From Apple Appstore". Today, am sharing with you the download links to the Free iPad scrabble games.

My favorite is Words With Friends for iPad

Words with friends HD has a free version as well as a paid version. You keep seeing ads everytime you make a move when playing the free version. When I got tired of seeing the ads, I decided to buy the game and have been enjoying it so far.

You can pass and play with a friend. More so, you can play with your online friends on Facebook and Twitter once you connect your Zynga account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can even chat with your friends while playing with them.

You can also download Scrabble HD for iPad

This is also a scrabble game for the iPad but I prefer playing Words For Friends. You can also Pass and Play, play with online friends and also play with random opponent. It features a "teacher" and also "Playlists". Hence, you can be listening to selected music while playing the game. There is also a "dictionary" which allows you to check if a word exists or not.

Do you have these two games on your iPad? If Yes, which one do you prefer?


Dave said…
Words for friends is cool. I also play it on my android phone. The new interface is awesome. I would love to play with you
Jide Ogunsanya said…
No problem, invite me.
Oscar said…
Nice one. I really love such I pad, I phones and Android resources as these. Keep the good work going.