Glo Infinito Not Working? The Reasons

As at the time of publishing this post, you can no longer migrate to Glo Infinito Special and Glo Infinito Social. Globacom Nigerian has retired both tariff plans. Glo Infinito Special which allows you to call ONE special number at 2k per seconds was replaced with Glo GBAM before Glo Gista was launched.

Glo GBAM allows you to call 5 Special Glo numbers at 5k per second, which can also be called the Glo Family and Friend Numbers (FAF). A daily rental of N10 will be deducted from your account daily to enjoy this plan.

Glo Gista on the other hand is a tariff plan with No family and Friends and NO free midnight calls. You pay  55K/sec for the 1st 60 seconds of local calls (not international calls) to any network in a day and after the 1st minute, you pay 15K per second for Glo-to-Glo and 30k per second for Glo-to-other networks.

Right now, most subscribers on Glo Infinito are been migrated to Glo Gista and it is now the default tariff plan on new Glo SIM cards.  If you think you are on Glo Infinito social, please confirm if you have not been moved to Gista by dialing *100*9*2# and let me know what you see. 


  1. Anonymous7/11/2012

    Infinito was the reason why I started using Glo. I might have to look elsewhere for a cheaper network Glo Gista doesn't make sense to me at all

    1. If you migrate to Glo Flexi Reloaded, with *135*1#, you will still be getting tariff similar to Glo Infinito, even if not cheaper.

  2. Glo Gista can be made cheaper by dialing this code
    *135*1# to convert it to Glo flexi
    Calls average 16k to Glo and 25k to other networks from my Place anyway.
    Dial *135*8# to confirm status

    Another cheap tariff plan is Airtel Steady Steady. Call at 25k/s flat to all network.
    balance above N300=25k/s
    Below N100=60k/s
    More info here

    Glo flexi combined with airtel steady steady gives you the best combination if ur min balance is N300 on airtel.

    1. Yes, the Glo Flexi reloaded makes sense as the discount now affect calls to other networks. without Flexi, You call Glo @ 15k per sec so with Flexi, you will be making glo-glo calls at a more cheaper rate.


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