How To Add Facebook Comment Form To Mobstac Blog

As at the time of publishing this tutorial, If your blog is a Blogger blog and you are using Mobstac to power the mobile version of your blog, anyone who reads your blog post via their mobile devices will not see the Blogger comment form. Hence, they will not be able to comment on your posts. You know, this doesn't make sense. But, guess what? You can easily add the Facebook comment form to your Mobstac-powered blog if you are already using Facebook comments on your blog/website.

Below is a screenshot of the Facebook comment form on one of the posts at

Integrating the FB comment from into your mobstac blog, will make your blog to be social and interactive. The comments your readers post on the mobile site will be synchronized with the blog/website and vice versa. If the reader chooses to post his/her comment to Facebook, by leaving the "Post to Facebook" option ticked, the comment he/she posts will also be published to his/her friends’ Facebook News Stream. This can easily drive some traffic to your blog. Interesting..right?

Well, just follow the steps below to activate the FB comment from on your mobile blog powered by mobstac:

==> Log in to

==> Click on the "Settings" tab

==> Enter your "Facebook user ID" and "Facebook app ID" in the boxes provided. (They are set of numbers)

==> Click the "Save Changes" button

That's all.

View your posts and you should see the FB comment from embedded under them.

How To Get Your Facebook ID

If you have a Facebook Username such e.g, log in to and go to Your id will be displayed for you.

If you do not have a facebook username,log in to and go to your Profile, check your address bar and copy out the last set of numbers in the URL. For example, the ID for this profile is shown in red:

How To Get Your Facebook App ID

If you already have the facebook comment form on your blog/website, get your app ID from : and if you do not have it on your blog/website, visit to generate your comment form and look for the appID in the code that will be generated for you.

I hope this helps.

If you have questions or contributions to make, kindly relay them via the comment form below.

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  1. Bridget7/15/2012

    It worked. thanks Mr Jide

  2. yes it quite simple and easy...i like your description

  3. Thanks boss, it worked well

  4. i have tried it all but couldnt get the facebook
    app id. its not showing in the code it generated


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