Buy Shoes, Shirts, Bags Online In Nigeria

If you are looking for where you can buy shoes, clothing and fashion accessories online and get them delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria, you can check out is an Nigerian online clothing shop that delivers great deals and the largest online selection of today’s top fashion, including your favourite local and international brands. Right on the Nigerian e-commerce website, you can buy shirts, suits, jeans, trousers, shoes, bags, watches, jewellery etc and get them delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria. You can even choose to pay on delivery, though depends on your location.

Sabunta ships its products free and fast, and returns them for free as well. The Sabunta shopping experience is centred around saving you the wasted time and hassle of fighting crowds in traditional stores. With Sabunta, you now have 100% easy, fast and secure shopping anywhere at any time. You can pay for any purchase via bank deposits, online transfer or by using your credit/debit cards.

Feel free to check out now.

In my future posts, I will be sharing with you websites where you can buy Nike sneakers,  Puma shoes, Lacoste shoes etc in wholesale on the internet. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog.

If you know any other Nigerian online fashion store, similar to Sabunta or have contributions to make, feel free to relay them via the comment form below.


Jenny said…
Thanks for this info. They've got some nice stuffs. Will give them a try someday.
muyiwa dada said…
nice one Mr. JIDE for keeping us up to date, will give it a try one day.
Once bitten twice shy. I will not be advising anyone to get anything from them. I am speaking from experience o.