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If you are a user of meebo instant messenger, you may have heard the news recently that Google has acquired meebo. If you visit, you will see the details there. The acquisition means you can no longer use meebo messenger, meebo me and meebo mobile apps though you can still download the meebo toolbar. In this post, I am sharing with you, meebo alternatives.

I saw the alternatives on a support page at The alternatives are divided into two categories: Multi-Protocol Alternatives and Network-Specific Alternatives. Below is the list of the alternatives to the Meebo web messenger:

Multi-Protocol Alternatives
Trillian Web

Network-Specific Alternatives

Google Talk: Gmail
Facebook Chat: Facebook
MSN / Windows Live Messenger: Hotmail
Yahoo! Messenger: Yahoo! Mail
AOL Instant Messenger: AIM Express

I hope this helps.

If you know any other meebo alternative not listed above, please share with us using the comment form below.


  1. Kingsley7/21/2012

    Yes, is a very good alternative. I am using it and really enjoying it.


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