Download Bloggers Guide to HTML (Free Ebook)

I just stumbled on a Bloggers Guide to HTML and I have decided to share it with you. The free HTML Ebook explains how to use basic HTML tags in formatting your blog posts.

It is a simple 26 page PDF file you can download or print. Read it!

You can test your HTML skills here after reading the basic HTML free ebook.

Just type something into the box, including any HTML tags you want to try out, then click the "Preview" button. Your text appears in another window, formatted according to the tags you use.

I hope this helps.

What do you have to say about this?

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  1. thanks for this i have actually been looking for something similar to this.am gona try it out later .just downloaded it

    1. Ok bro. Go through it and give me feedback.

  2. as a newbie in the blogger world, I will surely need it. Thanks Jide.

  3. Hello Sir Jidex, this would be a very good tutorial. And I appreciate your hard brining this to us. I wasn't able to download the ebook. Please i don't If you could send it to my email. I'll appreciate that a lot. Thanks again for sharing these worthwhile information.

    1. OK. No problem. I can send it to your email. You can send your email address to my email

  4. Very nice tutorial.Good of you to share with us

  5. just downloaded the book. would be giving u a feedback soon

  6. This will help, i will try it out. thanks.


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