How I Download PDF Files to iPad

One of the reasons why I so much love my iPad is the ease with which it allows me to download and read pdf files even when am in bed. If you own an Apple iPad but don't know how you can download pdf ebooks from the internet (via emails or websites) directly to your iPad, this tutorial is for you.

I will assume you have the pdf file you want to download in your email inbox or you have the download link of the pdf file handy.

How To Get Started

If you want to download the pdf file directly from a URL, follow the steps below:

==> Download Goodreader app for iPad (Not FREE). I purchased the app with my Zenith Visa Prepaid Card.

==> If you have the direct download link of the pdf file, COPY the url.

Don't know how to copy url on an iPad? Just use your finger to hold on to the url till you see the "copy" option. Then, tap it

==> After copying the direct download link of the pdf file, launch the Goodreader app and tap the "Enter URL" as seen in the picture below:

==> Paste the copied URL in the box. (Touch and hold your finger on the iPad screen and tap "paste"). The box might even be pre-filled with the copied URL.

==> Tap the "OK" button and you will see the pdf listed in the "Downloads in progress" section.

Alternatively, you can use the "browse the web" to browse the website where you want to download your PDF file from.

==> Once it downloads completely, simply tap it to open the pdf file.

You can always access your pdf file anytime you want via the GoodReader app, though the app has an "Open in..." feature which you can use to access the pdf file via iBooks or Adobe Reader for iPad.

If you want to download the pdf file via your email inbox, follow the steps below:

==> Open the email containing the attached pdf file via your iPad's Mail app and tap the attachment to download it. Your iPad will open the PDF in a preview screen, where you can read it in the native software.

==> Tap the "Send to" button in the upper right corner and choose from the installed apps on your iPad that are compatible with PDFs e.g Adobe Reader for iPad. You can always view the pdf file via the PDF or eBook reader app.

If you do not want to purchase the Goodreader app, you can download the pdf file to a PC and follow the steps in this article which explains how to transfer PDF files to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via iTunes.

Note: You can view pdf files on iPad using Adobe Reader for iPad and iBooks.

I hope this helps.

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  1. Selina8/26/2012

    another great tut from you but can I also use this app to download music files directly to my iPad? If Yes, I will buy it asap

    1. Yes, you can download any file with it.

  2. Great info, even though i do not use Ipad for now, I have saved the link to this post for future reference.

  3. Anonymous9/21/2012

    Nice tip.wot if d pdf file is like an application form?will d pdf reader allow me fill the form n edit stuff?


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