How To Add Extra Widgets To Any Section of Blogger Layout

There will be cases where you might want to add extra widget to a section of your Blogger/Blogspot blog but you will not be able to find the "Add a gadget" link at that section of your blog. Well, with some simple tweak, you can easily fix this. This comes very handy especially when you want to add extra widgets e.g ad banners, Facebook Like box etc to your Blog Posts column.

How To Get Started

==> Login to your Blogger dashboard and back up your template

==> Then, go to "Template" ==> "Edit HTML" ==> "Proceed" (If using New Blogger dashboard)

==> Use CTRL F to search for: <b:section class='main' id='main'

==> Modify the line to : <b:section class='main' id='main' maxwidgets='6' showaddelement='yes'>

==> Save your template.

This tweak will add a "Add a Gadget" (showaddelement='yes') link to your Blog Posts section on the Layout page and allow you to add a maximum of six widgets (maxwidgets='6') to your Blog Posts column.

If you check out the Layout page, you should now see a "Add a Gadget" link on top of your Blog posts column as seen in below picture:


==> Once you might have added the maximum number of widgets, you will no longer see the "Add a gadget" link untill you increase the maxwidgets number in the code above.

==> You can apply the tweak to other sections of your blog. You can easily locate all the sections of your blog by using CTRL F to find: <b:section class= in your blog's HTML.

I hope this helps.

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Riinzy said…
Thnx a lot,Jide.I have been searching for this for a while now.It wored perfectly.I will share this with my blog readers.
how can one get label link of his blog posts.