How To Pick Winners of Blog Contests Using Integer Generator

Many bloggers are now using blog contests in promoting their blogs. If you need some free traffic to your blog, you can also start organizing blog contests. You don't need to break the bank to run a successful contest and you can pick winners without stress. The first time I held a contest, I used rafflecopter in chosing the winner but I have discovered an easier way of picking winners of my contests.

Now I can use the Integer Generator at and with a click of a button, I will pick the winner! It is so simple, and I’ll show you how.

==> Count the number of entries you have in your contest. Let's assume there are 17 comments on the contest post.

==> Go to

==> Pay attention to the highlighted boxes in the picture below:

This example above is for a contest with 17 entries and 3 winners. Change the 3 to a 2 to just choose two winners.

==> Click the "Get Numbers" button to get the random numbers (See the screen shot below):

==> Find the comment that corresponds to the numbers, and you have your winners.

==> Contact the winners and give them the prize — so easy!

That's all.


You can give out premium blog templates, ebooks or even give out free ad space on your blog to winners of your contest. Prizes that are related to your blog's topic are typically the best because they bring added value to your readers but one thing is certain : the more exciting your prize is, the more buzz that will naturally grow around your contest.

In my future posts, I will share with you, how to also use the List Randomizer and Rafflecopter in selecting winners of your blog contests. More so, I will share with you blog contest ideas, gift ideas and tips on how to ensure your contest is as successful as it can be. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog here.

How do you pick winners of your blog contest? Please, share with me in the comments.

Photo Credit: ErikaJurnery Blog


  1. I haven't really thought about it,
    but you just opened my eyes.
    Will definitely do a giveaway soon

    1. Ok bro. Keep me posted as regards the giveaway. I might be the winner. wink**

  2. I was thinking of this last two weeks now but the price to give is what im still looking at and to say the fast since i started blogging i have not witnessed any blog contest :) isn't that too funny?

    1. Funny you. Well, as regards the price, you can start with free PLR ebooks, free FB coupons, Adwords vouchers etc

  3. you are the bomb boss. Thanks for this info


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