How To Transfer Money from GTB Savings Account to GTB Current Account Online

Lately, I have not been able to transfer money using GTB Internet banking platform from my account to other GTB accounts as a result of a security upgrade which is yet to be fixed as at the time of publishing this post.

Despite the upgrade, it's been stated on GTB website that one can transfer funds from a GTB current account to any 3rd party account without any problem. Hence, I opted to open a new GTB current account.

The Guaranty Trust Internet  Banking allows you to transfer money between your own accounts. Hence, you can move funds from your savings account to your current account from where you can then transfer your funds to 3rd party accounts.

To effect transfer of funds between your accounts, simply follow the steps below:

==> Go to

==> Click on the "login" button right under "Internet Banking" on the sidebar

==> Login to your GTB Internet Banking Dashboard

==> Click on Transfers  ==> Own Account Transfer

==> You should see a form similar to the one below

===> In the  FROM box, select the account you want to transfer from ( e.g your Savings account)

==> In the To box, select the account you want to transfer to ( e.g your Current account)

==> Enter the amount you want to transfer in the Amount field

==> Click Submit.

The fund will be transferred immediately even without using the GTB token device.

You can then check the account you transferred to, to confirm the transfer.

That's all.



  1. Great. I have been looking for an alternative way to do this. I think I'll also go for the Current Account. Thanks for sharing this tip.

    1. You welcome bro. With the GTB current account, I now transfer money to other GTB accounts and 3rd party accounts

  2. I already have a dorm account with GTB. Will I still have to provide them with references if I want to open this current account?

    1. if you already have a GTB dorm account, you won't need references for the current account


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