VoguePay Lets You Receive Payments Online For Your Small Businesses

As the internet users grow by the day in Nigeria, one of the challenges of growing the eCommerce side of it has largely been online payment solution. This is largely due to the start-up cost of integrating Nigerian payment gateways, which can gulp up to N200, 000. Many businesses in Nigeria cannot afford this sum.

If you are one of the small business owners that can't afford the costly payment portal integration but would still like to see the benefits of sales and productivity, you need to give VoguePay a try. The payment processor provides a convenient way for customers to shop easily on the Internet while also providing the innovative solution that Small businesses in Nigeria can rely on to receive online payment in Nigeria.

If you are a small business owner, you can now receive payments online in Nigeria using VoguePay even if you do not have a website and have your funds transferred to your bank account. VoguePay accepts payment across the major cardholders in Nigeria, namely  Verve, VISA, Mastercard,  e-transact and interswitch. The company focused on addressing the issues that are relevant to the successes of the small business owner, Infopreneurs and internet marketers in Nigeria who want to use the internet increase their sales to their market audience.

Click here to accept payments online

For example, imagine clients of your bulk SMS site buying and paying for SMS units online, right there in your portal with their ATM CARD and automatically have their account credited with the exact amount of SMS they paid for real time. Don't you think this will attract more customers to your portal? Don't you think it will increase efficiency and productivity?

Well, VoguePay is FREE to use as at the time of publishing this, though you pay 1% commission on every transaction for the total transaction cost. You will also pay 1% of withdrawal amount + ₦50.00 whenever you withdrawal funds to your bank accounts from your VoguePay wallet.

I've received alot of payments on my blog and at NairaForSMS, using VoguePay and no regret so far.  You can also try it.

Feel free to sign up at www.voguepay.com Now!



  1. Thanks for sharing this. Will check out the site now but just wondering how possible it is to accept payment without a website. Will be glad if you can shed more light on this. T

  2. Online payment has always been a big problem to Nigerians especially in Online business. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Nice one mr ogbonge..

  4. Does voguepay request for otp as konga and jumia to your phone before any payment?

  5. Hi jide, Please how do i integrate Mastercard on vogue pay? i seem to only see the visa option.


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