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After you might have created your blog, published some posts and submitted it to search engines, you will probably be thinking of how to make money from your blog. Basically, most bloggers start monetizing their blog with Google Adsense. If Adsense declines your application or you get banned, it is most likely you will consider the alternatives to Google Adsense or sell direct ads on your blog. You can manage direct ads by yourself or use ad networks.

Ad networks can put you in touch with many more advertisers, though most of them will share revenue with you. One of the websites where you can buy or sell online ad space is It is a network for both advertisers (a.k.a. people that are advertising a product) and publishers (a.k.a. people that are selling ad space on their blogs), allowing the sale and purchase of advertising space through a sophisticated system that manages all the processes for you.

If you are a blog owner who don’t want to manage ads and payment of your website/blog, you can try The networks allows you to fix your own price per month. If you are accepted into the network, you will be given a code which you must paste in your blog. Your blog will be listed in the BSA directory and advertisers will be able to find you to purchase that space in monthly subscriptions. This way, you make money selling direct ads on your blog.

According to a BuySellAds review at, BSA requires a base impressions level of at least 100K per month and is not all that welcoming to websites/blogs with little traffic and no reputation – you need to have a solid foundation of steady traffic to stand a chance of being “accepted” into the BSA system. It was also stated in the review that BSA is a very niche-specific network, meaning only websites focusing on tech, web design / development or freelancing have a chance of succeeding in the system. Hence, if your blog is not focused, your application might also be rejected even if your blog gets loads of traffic everyday.

BSA methods of payment include Paypal, Wire transfers and cheques. Each payment method has different minimum payouts. You will be payed every month if you have reached minimum payout in previous month.

If your blog or website meets up with the requirements of BSA, you may give it a try, else you may want to try elsewhere. If you don't fit into the network, Google Adsense, ways of making money without Google Adsense or privately selling  and managing your advertising space may be the smarter option. You can check out my advert page to see how I sell my ad spaces by myself. If you are looking for tricks to get BuySellAds account approved, you might have to check their blog.

In my future posts, I will be talking about how to find advertisers for your blog, how to approach the advertisers, how to put ads on your blog, how to track what you have to offer advertisers etc. Make sure you subscribe to this blog if you do not want to miss the articles.

Are you making money at Have you applied and was not accepted? Do you know alternatives to Please, I love to hear from you in the comments. 


  1. Well written review there but can one put the BSA ads on a blog that also has Google Adsense on it?

  2. Can one combine it with adsense at the same time? hope its not against Google's TOS

    1. Yes, you can bro. BSA ads are do not look like Adsense ads. It is also stated on BSa website.

  3. Thanks for sharing boss
    Whos gonna pay me buysellads or the advertiser directly

  4. I can't wait for these last part of your highly informative post "I will be talking about how to find advertisers for your blog, how to approach the advertisers, how to put ads on your blog, how to track what you have to offer advertisers"

    1. No problem bro. You will not miss the articles if you have subscribed

  5. I like seeing many alternatives to Google adsense. Dis will make google to start thinking of ways to reduce their level of strictness and attract more people.

  6. this is one of the best review on
    jide, why don't you submit your blog? i bet you will heap of advertisers, you have all that is required, pagerank, ranking, etc.

  7. I just registered in the site.
    Still under review though.
    Do you use them Jide?

  8. Well,is the program also welcome subdomains like .blogspot?

  9. meen,100k page views per is not something easy but i believe i will get there someday

  10. Anonymous3/25/2013

    At what tarffic level can one think of making money from blog? Can one earn from a 1000 views per day blog?

  11. Nice blog. I get a maximum of 1k page views per day. Can I register with them? Please check my blog

  12. Hello Jide,

    Very detailed post, but I have some queries. I am looking to sell ad spaces on my blogs and for that I guess BuySellAds can be the best place, but I have tried applying for it, but getting an approval is difficult as I have been rejected 2 times.

    I have also tried Adsense and Infolinks on my sites, but they do not work well, so I think selling ad spaces will get me more income, but not finding a way to do so as BuySellAds not approving, may be because my daily traffic is bit less, although I can meet requirements when I combine traffic for all blogs, Will it work?

    Is there any possibility that I can contact BuySellAds team and can get manual approval after showing all my sites?

    Or I can go with any other ad space selling network? Please Suggest few names which you have tested and are trusted to work with?


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