FeedBurner Subscriber's Count Showing 0? The Solution

A friend contacted me this morning, complaining that her blog's feed is not displaying her blog's latest post. While trying to find out what might be the cause, I was surprised to see zero been displayed as the number of her blog's subscribers via her feedburner account.

Immediately, I decided to log in to my Feedburner account. Surprisingly, I noticed the same thing; the subscribers count displaying "0" instead of 9600+ verified subscribers I have as at the time of publishing this post.

This made me believe the "0 count" is not really the cause of her feed's problem. After solving the feed's problem, I decided to search Google for what might be causing the feedburner 0 subscriber's count.

I felt relieved when I stumbled on a post on the Feedburner Status blog where it was stated that it is a known issue.

So, What is the Solution?

==> Just wait for Google to fix it. Google will surely update us once it has been fixed. You can also follow up with updates via this thread at Google Groups.

Have you noticed the same thing if you log in to www.feedburner.com?


  1. Anonymous9/23/2012

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  2. Pls how did you solve the feeds problem? I'm still experiencing both problems at http://www.oluwaseunduyilemi.blogspot.com

  3. just opened my own blog. But after the first post, its always displaying ''oops...clear your cache''... Wats f cause of dat?

  4. i'm also experiencing the same problem with my feeds. All my feed subscribers are showing zero but i knew it was a technical problem...


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