Glo Promo: Get 500% Bonus AirTime on Usage

Globacom Nigeria has launched a new promo primarily targeted at increasing usage from existing Glo subscribers and keeping them active on the GLO Network. The promo allows all new and existing Glo subscribers get 500% Bonus Airtime on achievement of their daily usage target.

How To Get Started

==> Text ‘BONUS’ to 4567

You will receive an sms of your daily usage target. If you achieve the daily usage target before midnight, you will get 500% of your daily usage target as free bonus airtime for glo to glo calls.


==> Subscribers, depending upon their historical usage, will get different usage targets and targets for subscribers will change every week.

==> The Promotion airtime will be credited to the promo account within 24hours of achieving the required daily usage and has to be used same day, before midnight.

This is a limited period offer which is valid for all subscribers active on Glo network.

What do you have to say as regards to this promo?


  1. Chizzy9/19/2012

    hmnnn...So,If I have a daily usage target of N100 and am able to achieve it in a day, I will get N500 bonus airtime same day?

    1. Exactly! Airtel started this and others are taking it up. SMH

  2. Anonymous9/19/2012

    Will glo reply you immediately you send 'BONUS' to 4567 on your daily target and Usage or when?

    1. Might be instant and might not be instant but they will.

  3. Don't like their own style jare, its not like the mtn own that you just have to use a particular amount to get the bonuz, y must they tell me how much to use? Was thinking they will come with a better promo. mtheew

  4. The bonus does not make sense, since glo can not give the it instantly as the daily target is achieved. One has to finish the target, and needs to buy another airtime in order to round up a particular conversation, then wait for a bonus that may come some minutes before midnight.
    Glo is copying other networks, and should try and add something different and positive.
    This kind thing does not attract me at all; I do not think it will attract any other person.
    Glo, please think of genuine thing to do. This one does not make sense to Nigerians.
    You can contact me on 08029723551 or 08169658433, for working market strategy.

    Inyang, Unyime Ephraim

    1. Once you have achieved your target, you do not need to buy another airtime before you will get your bonus. Irrespective of when you receive your bonus, the bonus will only expire after 24 hours.

      Hence, if you receive the bonus, 5 minutes to midnight, it will not expire after 5 minutes. It will expire after 24 hours.

  5. I'Ll try it out sha cauz MTN is 2 expensive when u re usin blackberry


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