GMail Search Terms You Should Know and Use

Some months back, I was looking for some old unread messages in my GMail account but it was difficult for me to keep clicking on next so as to get to where the messages were. After struggling with this for a while, I realized that I could use a short cut to get to the emails I was looking for.

To do this, I had to type in a search term in the GMail search box to find the old unread emails. If you have the same problem, the following search terms will be of help to you. You can choose to use any anytime you need to.

To find emails you previously starred, use is:stared
To find emails you previously read, use is:read
To find emails you didn't read previously, use is:unread
To find emails you previously muted, use is:muted
To find GTalk chats you previously had, use is:chat

To find emails in your inbox, use in:inbox
To find emails in your trash, use in:trash
To find emails in your spam folder, use in:spam

To find friends in your Google+ Circle, use circle:friends
To find families in your Google+ Circle, use circle:family
To find acquaintances in your Google+ Circle, use circle:acquaintances
To find Invitess in your Google+ Circle, use circle:Google+ Invites

To find emails with .jpg (image) attachment, use filename:jpg
To find emails with .pdf (portable document) attachment, use filename:pdf
To find emails with .doc (microsoft word document) attachment, use filename:doc
To find emails with .ppt (powerpoint) attachment, use filename:ppt
To find emails with .xls (microsoft excel) attachment, use filename:xls

These are just few of the useful search terms you can use in GMail to find emails you are looking quickly instead of wasting lots of time searching for the emails.

Do you know some other search terms that are not listed here? Feel free to share them with everybody reading this using the comment form below.


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