How To Find Mail From or To a Specific Person in GMail

Last month, I purchased an eBook on "How To Open and Verify US Paypal account in Nigeria" from a Nigerian info marketer. This eBook is password-protected and the password was mailed alongside with the eBook.  Everytime I need to access the eBook, I find myself always going back to my GMail to search for that specific mail containing the password.

This can be so frustrating for someone like me who receives alot of mails everyday but with the newly improved search for GMail, I now easily find that specific email.  Advanced search, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow in the search box, now supports autocomplete predictions in the From: and To: fields, making it easier to find mail from or to a specific person.

With this new feature, if I want to find that specific mail, all I do is to enter the name of the sender in the "From" field and while doing so, some predictions will come up. Once I see the sender's email in the predictions, I click on it and a new page will come up, displaying the mails have received from him. Right there, I easily see that specific mail am searching for.

Below is a snapshot of what the autocomplete predictions looks like:

Is this not cool?


Jackson said…
Nice improvement there. I never though such great feature is embedded under that tiny arrow in the search box. Thanks for this tip.
Ero-Sennin said…
nice tip, mate.
Anonymous said…
Also for the PDF that you have to input the password every-time you need it,just make screen shot of each page making it a .jpg format and attach them in Microsoft doc,then convert to PDF using the PDF add on Microsoft doc provides.
you don't need the hassle of
1.inputing the password time and time again need going online to check for your mail for the password too.