How To Get and Add AdDynamo Codes To Blogger Blogs

AdDynamo is a pay per click program which is a good alternative to Google Adsense. You can easily monetize your blog with AdDynamo and get paid in your local currency. I have monetized the mobstac-powered mobile version of my blog and I have received my first Addynamo earnings which was deposited directly into my Nigerian bank account.

As at the time of publishing this, it is very easy to join AdDynamo compared to Google Adsense. If Google Adsense rejects your application or Adsense ads have been disabled to your blog, then you can try opening an adDynamo account and add the AdDynamo ad codes to your blog.

How To Open AdDynamo Account

To open AdDynamo account, go to, click on the "Become a Publisher" button
and click "Sign Up now" button. Follow the steps and make sure you verify your account by clicking on the link that will be mailed to you. Once you verify your account, you can log in to the site and start generating your AdDynamo ad codes.

If you are a Nigerian, you can check out "how to open Naira AdDynamo account" if you do not have a verified Paypal account and would prefer to be paid directly into your bank account.

So, How Do I Get AdDynamo Codes

==> Go to and log into your Publisher's account

==> Click on the  "Channels" tab

==> Click on the "WEB" tab

==> Click the "New Channel" by the right hand side of the page. You will see a page asking you for some details

==> Name your channel anything you want

==> For "Advert Display Type", choose your preferred ad size

==> For "Advert type" choose "Text/Image"

==> For "Website", select the website you want to add it to from the list e.g If the site is not there, click on "Manage sites" tab and click the "new site" link to add your site

==> Click the "Create Channel" button

==> A new page will open displaying details of the Addynamo channel you created. Beside it, you will see the icons in the picture below:

==> Click the first icon by the left to get your ad code, as indicated in the picture above

==> Copy the ad code into a notepad

How Do I Add adDynamo Codes to Blogger Blog

==> Log in to your dashboard, go to "Layout" (in new interface) or "Design" ==> "Page Elements"( in old interface).

==> Click on "Add gadget" and select the "HTML/Javascript" gadget

==> Paste the ad code you copied earlier into the gadget and save.

If you want to add the AdDynamo ad codes into your Blogger blog posts, follow the same instruction explained in adding Google Adsense codes inside Blogger posts.

Can I Make AdDynamo ads Display in Blogger Mobile Templates?

Yes, you can do this by adding your AdDynamo code in your Blogger Post template or by adding the code inside your posts via the HTML mode of the Post Editor.

If you are using the new Blogger interface, you can get to your "Post template" by going to "Settings" ==> "Posts and Comments" ==> "Post Template".

If you want to add the codes via the HTML mode of the post editor, while creating a new post, click on the "HTML" button beside the "compose" button, paste your ad code and type your post content above or below the code before publishing the post.

Note: The "Small Leatherboard (234x60)" ad type will be the perfect size for your Blogger mobile templates.

Now that you know the different ways you can add adDynamo codes to your Blogspot blog, I hope you will start making money online from your blog. Remember, do not click on your ads and do not tell anyone to click for you. If you fail to abide by the rules, your account will be terminated.

The more people that visit your blog, the more money you stand to make from your ads, so keep getting traffic to your blog.

I hope this helps.

Do you know other alternatives to AdDynamo and Google Adsense? Have contribution or question to ask? Please, use the comment form below.


  1. Thanks for the info jide :)

  2. Jide do you're a mind reader. I was looking so bad for this

  3. tanx 4 the post what about for mobile

  4. Nice tutorial. Don't really like AdDynamo cos their Pay per click is not impressing.

  5. can i make use of Google ad sense an ad dynamo on the same blog

  6. hi bros, for someone who is yet to be approved of adsense, can such person place addyanamo codes on his/her blog ?

  7. How I wish it could work for mail2blogger.

  8. Can u show me an example of the ad code.... Cus have click on that Icon and still notin happened!!!

  9. addynamo has come to stay, and it's serving my website with just what it should

  10. Very helpful tip. thanks

  11. Men tanks for the infor it helps

  12. it has help me check on

  13. nice one. I have been using addynamo for some time now, though I'm yet to be paid for the first time, i do hope it happens sooner, because to me, its the best available alternative to adsense around here. Though there other new kids around the blog like and clickadsnigeria. But I'm making use of addynamo on my blog,

  14. AdDynamo Big Scam
    Be interesting to know how many didnt get paid due to whatever reason - under investigation etc - like happens to me every month

  15. i beileve you die
    this one work.

  16. thanks for the tips it really worked but if u want to know how to add more than two differengt adsense on ur blog u can visit

  17. Nice trick ,works perfectly well on my blog
    Check it out. Here.

  18. Anonymous12/03/2014

    I have registered with addynamo but the problem i have now is how to verify my website with them.

    I have tried using Google Analytics or Meta but it's confusing because i am using a WordPress website.

    How can i use any of the above options to verify a WordPress website?


    1. hello, having the same problem. please how did you finally verify it. please let me know via email: my blog is

  19. Txs. Buh how do I very my Blog?
    It's displaying only d Addynamo banner & that's cos I've not been able to verify my blog.


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