"Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled" Blogger Error and Solution

UPDATE: The problem has been resolved. You can read more here

A friend contacted me yesterday complaining to me that the custom domain he wanted to map to his blogspot domain keeps displaying "404 error" page even after adding the custom domain to his blog via Blogger settings.

He forwarded his Blogspot login details to me so I can help him look into the problem and when I logged in, I was surprised to see "Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled" under the "publishing" tab of the Blogger Basic Settings page.

I first thought he is the only one been affected but I was stunned when I checked my blog's settings and saw the same thing right there as seen in the picture below:

Without any delay, I decided to Google the error and it became obvious to me that it is a general issue with Blogger/Blogspot blogs. I felt relieved when I stumbled on a post on the Known Issues for Blogger blog where Blogger announced that they are aware of the issue and working on fixing it as soon as possible.

So, What is the Solution to the "Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled" error?

==> Just wait for Blogger to fix it. Blogger will surely update us once it has been fixed. You can also follow up with updates via this thread at Google Groups.

Have you noticed the same thing via your Blogger settings? Can you access your blog via your custom domain?


  1. George9/15/2012

    My own problem is that,I can't even access my blog anymore. if I enter the .blogspot address, it will redirect to my new custom domain and the custom domain keeps displaying error 404. Now, I can't even remove the custom domain from my Blogger settings. Really sucks.

    I hope Blogger fix this on time

    1. Probably still under propagation

  2. M down too... Bad time I guess to purchase the custom domain. I purchased my domain on 10 september. Neither my blog works and neither custom domain.

  3. Same thing has happened to me o! I initially got scared then i googled it just like you did and i was relieved that it`s a general known issue.
    Now i`m just anxious and can`t wait for them to activate the domain switching.

  4. Anonymous9/16/2012

    Same problem and blogger team is taking too much time to resolve this error. From last four days google is saying Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled. I am losing my patience.

  5. yeah Mr. jide you are right, am the one that keep disturbing you on that sturf. but i wish the error will soon be rectify by google.

  6. I hope blogger team fix this on time

  7. me tooo.... Any body have answer ... www.shanzone.info

  8. I hope google team fiX this soon, I have hooked up on Google Groups as Jide mentioned, you can as well do so so that you will get the update when the error is fixeD.


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