TimeLineRemove AddON Deactivates Facebook TimeLine on Firefox and Chrome Browsers

It is no more news that once you switch over to the new Facebook Timeline, you cannot return to the old classic look. Well, if you are one of those that have been searching the web for how to return to the old profile after activating the new FB Timeline, I have a quick fix to share with you which worked for me today.

The fix, is a browser extension called "TimelineRemove". Though, the browser add-on won't change your account back to the old profile but it will still allow you to view your profile and that of others in the old style on your Chrome and Firefox browsers. However, anyone who visits your profile will still see your Timeline until he/she also installs the TimelineRemove plug-in.

Below is what my Facebook Page now looks like on my browsers after installing TimelineRemove extension to my chrome and firefox browsers

So, How Do I Deactivate the Facebook Timeline?

==> Go to www.timelineremove.com

==> Click the "Click Here" button to install the plugin and allow it to be added as add-on to your browser

==> Close your browser and relaunch it

View any profile that has been switched to FB Timeline and you will see it's back to old style.


==> This trick might not work forever because the Facebook develeopers keep changing things everyday

==> To change back from the old style to your Facebook Timeline, disable the plug-in from your browser.

I hope this helps.

Do you know any other trick of deactivating the Facebook Timeline? Have contributions or questions to ask? Kindly use the comment form below.


  1. Anonymous9/08/2012

    I tried the TimelineRemove on my operamini but it's not working. why?

    1. Bro,u can try it on your pc...ok? it worked for me.


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