How To Add 'Blog' tab to Facebook Pages Showing Latest Posts

If you check the timeline of the Facebook Page of Ogbongeblog, you will notice a "blog updates" tab, which if you click on it, you will see the latest posts of OgbongeBlog been displayed. If you use Facebook ads to promote your blog, you can set up something similar for your Facebook page so you can use it as the landing page for your ad, thereby enabling you to get "Facebook Likes" + traffic to your blog posts.

Below is the tab on OgbongeBlog's FB Page:

I created the tab from my NetworkedBlogs dashboard. Hence, you will have to add the NetworkedBlogs FB application to your Facebook profile for you to be able to to create the tab.

How To Get Started

==> Go to to add your blog to NetworkedBlogs

==> If added successfully, click on it to view it

==> Click on the "Add Tab to Facebook Page" link under "Blog management" on the left sidebar

==> A window will pop up asking you to select the Facebook Page you want to add the tab to

==> Select the page and click on the "ADD Page Tab" button

==> Visit the Facebook page. You should see the "Blog" tab on your Facebook Page Timeline. If you can't see the tab, click the arrow at the far right of the row of Apps

==> Click the "Blog" tab

==> Click the "choose Blogs" button and select your blog from the list and save.

Anytime you or a fan clicks on the tab, your latest posts will be seen (with thumbnails) as seen in the picture below:


If you want to change the default tab name (BLOG), go to EDIT Page > Update info > apps. Click the "edit settings" under "NetworkedBlogs" and type the name you desire in the "Custom Tab Name" box. Save and click the "Okay" button.

You can also change the default icon. I will share how to do this in my future post when I will be explaining how to customize Facebook fan Page with custom tab images.

I hope this info helps.

Feel free to contribute and ask questions via comments. If you have added it to your Facebook page, you can also share the url of your page here so I can check it out.



  1. That will result to more traffic

  2. Will add it to my Facebook page once I get on PC later in the day and also edit my Facebook ad so I can use it as the landing page. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. You're really insightful with what you're doing. Keep up with your marvelous work.

  4. i have been trying to sign up for google adsense but they are regecting my registration please i want you to check my blog for me if there is anything wrong with the site

  5. thanks brother for the info,more traffic more leads=more sales.

  6. This is great, let me begin to follow the steps now and see the change

  7. i have not noticed we can add a custom tab as this. Thanks for your clarification. However i don't like the networked blog application.

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  9. thanks are the best

  10. I tried but its not working


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