How To Update Nokia Software Using PC Suite (Video Tutorial)

Updating your Nokia phone might become necessary if you want your Nokia phone to always be up to date with new and improved functions as well as the latest versions of Nokia apps and services. If you are having problem with your phone, updating the firmware might also fix the problem.

So, How Do I Update My Nokia Phone Software?

You can update the Nokia firmware via PC using Nokia PC Suite or your phone's Nokia software updater. Software updates from Nokia are free and safe to install.

The video below shows you how to update your Nokia Series 40 phone software with Nokia Suite:

Download and Install Nokia Suite here if you do not have it on your PC.

If you want to update using your phone's software update application,

==> Select Menu > Applications > (Tools >)  SW Update


==> Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone updates

NOTE: wifi conection is recommended while updating your Nokia software using your phone.

If you want to update Nokia Lumia phones, Nokia Belle-compatible phones, Nokia N9 and other Nokia phones, you can get started at the the software updates for Nokia phones webpage.

Have you ever updated your Nokia software using your phone or PC suite? Was it successful? Please, let me hear from you.



Joseph said…
Updating via PC suite is the best and highly recommended. wifi and phone connections might easily disconnect during the process. Talking from experience though