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Today, I am introducing to you,; another Nigerian blog where you can be getting tech-related tutorials. The blog is owned by Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond, a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Abia State University, Nigeria. His love for computer and internet inspired him to start this blog.

Netmediablog is a tech blog, dedicated to providing you with useful information on a wide range of subjects including Computers, Social Media, Mobiles, internet tips, How-tos, blogging tips, technology etc. The owner also use the blog to offer other type of services like blog design and development, blog consulting services, SEO, Social media integration/marketing, Wordpress/Blogger blog modification etc

Netmediablog has grown so fast over a short period of time and it is leaping rapidly in Alexa ranking, an indication of its success so far. It is ranked 108,382 globally as at the time of time of writing this post and a Google Page Rank 2.

So if you are a tech-head and likes tech related articles especially related to computers, internet, how-tos, mobiles, blogging tips etc visit Netmediablog and you will never be disappointed. You will be amazed by the number of new things you will learn every single time you visit the blog.

What's your take on this blog? Do you know blogs similar to Let me hear from you via comments.


Gabriel said…
The blog is cool. I have bookmarked it. Thanks for sharing.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, its a nice blog, lots of info as you have said, I know similarly one called
it's another upcoming tech blog that i like
benita ome said…
yes one, the first day i visited the website i really fell in luv with the site with writeups nd contents its really cool, thanks u found it useful that you review... I also recommend this website to any Tech Niche base Bloggeer for cool updates... Kudos!
Anonymous said…
Yes Jide you are right, the website is doing great just like my friend's own at An upcoming tech blog full of articles like computer tips, mobile phones and electronic gadget reviews. He also writes about blogging tips and tutorials too.
dailyschoolnews said…
wow, this review is really wonderful, thanks alot for this wonderful review.
your blog looks really wonderful.
please can you also review my website next year?
i am currently building it
here is my website.
techopera said…
wonderful and simple review of netmediablog by ogbongeblog.
jide, you continue to amaze me with your command of english
bro, can you review my website @
legendkid said… is one of the few site that i trust when it comes to tech and general information on internet, although i still wonder why i don't see much of it on search. it will be cool if we swap link exchange @ogbongeblog? with
I love netmediablog and i must tell you that the guy has a unique pattern of writing.
would also contact him, to review his site on
wonderful review OGblog, please do you review educational blogs?
example @Nigerai School Blog
mmo said…
Mavtrevor is my friend and i always read his tech post, nice to see him here.
dailyschoolnews said…
Thanks, this blog rocks, i love Your Blog and that of Nwosu.
You guys are so so informative.
Thanks alot Jide Ogbonge, I really love reading your articles.
Just searching for the term 'netmediablog' and this link pop up.
Wonderful layout Jide, You're so cool in writing this, i just know every thing about Metrevor from You now.