Get Local Weather Forecast and Reports in Nigeria

Want to know if it is going to rain tomorrow at your location or anywhere in Nigeria? Well, you can now have an idea of weather conditions of your current city or any of the 36 states in the country on your computer or mobile device.

Weather9ja is a local weather mobile site that helps Nigerians get local weather reports for their current city and for any city in Africa. Apart from getting today's weather conditions of your location, you can also get a 4-day weather forecast of your location and that of any city in Africa.


---> can automatically find your location and get weather conditions [find me button]

---> 4 day weather forecast for any city in Nigeria

--> Search weather condition for any city in the Africa + 4Day forecast

I have tried the site on my iPad, Blackberry and laptop and works OK though you will have to enable location services on your device (e.g iPad) for the site to be able to detect your location for you if you click the "Find Me" button on the site. Not all cities are listed as the time of publishing this but you can get the weather updates of the major cities at the site.

  Check the weather condition of your location at now.

What's your take on this site? Do you know other websites I can get weather reports and forecasts? Please. let me hear from you via comments.


Tony said…
Not bad. It's OK. Glad to see Nigerians coming up with an idea like this.