What is MTN Mobile Newspaper?

Have you been receiving customized text messages from MTN Nigeria, persuading you to subscribe to MTN Mobile Newspaper and wondering what it is all about?

Well, MTN Mobile Newspaper is a premium MTN service that enables you to get the `newspaper experience` on your mobile phone. it provides the most up to date news on the local and international scene, sports news, entertainment news, fashion news, Finance news, the latest Job vacancies and more.

If you subscribe to MTN Mobile Newspaper, you no longer need to buy and flick through newspapers or go to internet to check the latest events in any of the categories listed above. The messages will be delivered to your phone, in MMS format, with pictures included.

So, What is the Subscription Code for MTN Mobile Newspaper?

To subscribe to MTN Mobile Newspaper, Simply text 'HELP' to 4900 to see the list of Mobile Newspaper products available. Thereafter, you can text the keyword of your preferred service to 4900 to activate.


If interested in "Local Sports News" (Complete Sports), you will have to text CSM to 4900;

if interested in the "The hottest job vacancies", you will have to text SRM to 4900.

You can get the full list of the MTN Mobile Newspaper codes for the different products here.

Is MTN Mobile Newspaper FREE?

==> NO.

You will be charged N120 monthly per product from your airtime.

How To Unsubscribe from MTN Mobile Newspaper

==> Text NO plus keyword to 4900


To use this service, you should have an MMS enabled phone with the right MTN MMS settings. (If you have not received the configurations or have not activated MMS on your mobile phone, text SETTINGS to 3888 for free from your MTN line)

Personally, I have not tried it because there is no "technology product" as at the time of publishing this post. If you have subscribed to the service, kindly share your experience via the comment form below.


  1. I am also wondering why there is no technology product listed. Imagine, a tech company rolling out a service without a tech product. Mtchew**

  2. @ samson, you just spoke my mind, well its good that they are trying to bring the news to us and keep us updated.


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