Glo Bolt: Modem Price, New Data Volume and Features

Glo Mobile Nigeria has revamped and rechristened the Glo HSI service to "Glo Bolt", in an effort to make it become the most exciting internet service offering. Following the launch of this revamped Glo High Speed Internet service, new Glo Bolt Modems are to replace the Glo NetPro modems.

The Glo Bolt modem is a 3G modem that comes with a FREE Glo SIM + 500MB of data. Everytime you subscribe to a plan of N1,000 and above monthly, with the new modem, you will get FREE 200MB extra every month for 6 months. Fantastic..huh?

Price of glo bolt modem
Glo Bolt Modem

One great feature of Glo Bolt internet service is the Self-Care Portal available at http://hsi.glo.com. At the portal, glo subscribers can view list of all subscription plans as well as view their subscription status, enable/cancel auto renewal of their subscriptions and buy/activate glo data plans.

So, What is New?

Glo BOLT comes with sharing, gifting, data bonus and data rollover.

Sharing and Gifting:

Now on Glo BOLT, customers can share subscription plans as well as buy a subscription and send it to friends, family and loved ones as ‘gifts’. A customer with wife and 2 kids can now buy only one plan and share it with his 3 loved ones instead of buying 4 separate subscriptions (sharing). If he doesn't want to share his subscription with them, he can now buy subscriptions and send to them as ‘gifts’ instead of sending them money for subscription(Gifting).

For tutorials, check out:

==> How To Share Glo Internet Subscriptions With Other Glo SIMs Without Networking

==> How To Give Out Glo Data Plans As Gifts Via HSI Portal

Data Rollover:

Now, Glo Bolt customers would not loose their unused data from the subscribed plan. Just re-subscribe your data plan before it expires and use the balance data in the next month.

Free Internet for 6 months:
New modem activations will get 500MB data free of charge INSTANTLY and free internet access for 6 months. Free internet is available to customers who subscribe to a plan of N1,000 or more. They will get an additional 200MB added to their subscription volumes free of charge for 6 months!

30% Instant Bonus:
Customers get 30% instant bonus added to every plan they subscribe to – no conditions. Just subscribe and get 30% added instantly!

Hence, you will now get :

==> 13MB for Instant Surf (N100 plan) instead of 10MB

==> 65MB for This Week (N400 plan) instead of 50MB

==> 260MB for Always Micro (N1000 plan) instead of 200MB

==> 1.5G for Always Macro(N3000 plan) instead of 1Gig

==> 4Gigs for Always Min (N5000 plan) instead of 3Gigs

==> 8Gigs for Always Max (N7500 plan) instead of 6Gigs

The table below, shows the new volume of each glo data plan as well as their validity and subscription codes.

volume of glo bolt data plans
New data volume of Glo data bundles
UPDATE: Glo has increased the data cap of some data plans. Check the updated list of Glo data plans and their prices here.

Other features:
Customers can also view their transaction history on the portal, generate invoices of their transactions and view status of all their plans among other things.

NOTE: You will have to buy the new Glo bolt modem to benefit from the 500MB and free 200MB x 6months, as well as the 30% Instant bonus. Existing customers can only be getting 30% instant bonus on their data plans.

Are you impressed with this? Please, let me hear from you. If there is anything that is not clear to you as regards the Glo BOLT, feel free to ask via comments.

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  1. Great move from Glo. MTN also increased their data voume this week too. I hope Etisalat and Airtel will react to this. I see cheaper data volume come 2013. Pls, where can i buy the glo bolt modems? any idea

    1. You can buy it at Gloworld office, Glozones and some shops that sell Glo modems

  2. This is another G(bam) from glo. Only GLO can do this and I believe with time, other Network providers will beg glo to share the market with them, because glo is taking over soon. Welldone Ogbonge master.

  3. Anonymous11/22/2012

    Is the 6 months free browsing for real or just those marketing tactics?

    1. The free browsing is all about the EXTRA 200MB that you will get in addition to your data bundle if you subscribe to at least N1, 000 plan monthly for 6 months. Now clear..huh?

  4. Anonymous11/22/2012

    Can this modem be cracked ?

    1. I don't know if Glo bolt modem can be cracked for now.

  5. Great news. This is the right time to dump MTN and it's disappointments. Thanks Sir

  6. i hope glo bolt doesnt become glo snail

  7. Airtel and Etisalat rocks abeg

  8. Anonymous11/25/2012

    Thank & God bless

  9. Great From Glo, Ogbonge well done sir.

  10. Anonymous11/28/2012

    Its an amazing package. I'll sure get the new modem to start enjoying.

  11. Pls how can one network more than one computer systems using one modem? Somebody help.

    1. Yes, you can easily do that by creating a wireless network on the computer, then use wifi to connect other systems to it.

  12. Boss thanks for this info. Can it be unlocked to use other plans.

  13. What are the settings, i.e. APN, username and password?

    1. APN= gloflat
      Username = flat
      Password = flat

  14. jide oyatoye12/19/2012

    I tink dis is a 1daful idea 4rm glo & its komin @ d right tym 4me. Tanx name sake, I just hope & pray dat d network is stable in my area cos av neva used glo b4.

  15. Anonymous12/24/2012

    Got the modem , loaded 5 thousand , subscribed for d always MIN package, they took my money & didn't give me d 4GB. I discovered yesterday dat I have been using d free 500MB. So wat happened to my 5K. I am so tired of this Nigerian telcos. Customer service numbers will put u on hold forever.

    1. Don't worry. The 4GB will kick in once you exhaust the 500MB. That is how the data roll-over works.

  16. Anonymous1/03/2013

    How do i activate my glo bolt after the sim has been registered?

  17. isaac Ubi1/05/2013

    last year I was given a text message that if I loaded N1000 I was going to be given some credit plus the N100 additional as written on the card. At the end of the day nothing was given to me. I called customer care who assured me of credit but nothing was done.
    I am afraid would not bolt be the same thing? I am interested.
    Isaac Ubi

  18. The question people don't ask is how to check the 30% Bonus added.. How do i check it now i just load 5,000 and subscribed to Always MIN , the only difference is that i got 4GB instead of 3GB.. Any other bonus?

  19. Anonymous6/08/2013

    1 subscribed to the always mini,but got a message that i cannot extend my plan anymore..pls what does that imply

  20. Where can I buy d bolt moderm

  21. Anonymous2/17/2015

    bought glo bolt yestee, i didnt see d 500mb WHY?

  22. I use glo bolt modem and I have some data on my bonus account but can't use it for internet access, what I gotta do?

  23. Anonymous9/15/2016

    my modren after 1 month subscription aint working in my area,what can i do


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