How I Share My Laptop Internet With my iPad 3G Without Using WiFi

Recently, I shared a post on how to Share Glo internet subscriptions with other Glo SIMs without networking. This new innovation from Globacom Nigeria now makes it possible for me to browse the internet on my iPad using the internet bundle I use to browse on my laptop without having to subscribe to a separate internet bundle on the Apple iPad 3G.

Before Glo introduced the new feature via their Glo HSIPortal, I normally subscribe to at least Always Min( N5,000 for 3Gigs) on my laptop and Always Macro (N3.000 for 1Gig) on my iPad. This means I pay N8,000 to get 4Gigs on my laptop and iPad.

Now that Glo allows me to share my internet bundle, I now subscribe to Always Max (N7,500 for 6Gigs) with my Glo NetPro modem and share the bundle with the phone number of the Glo micro SIM card in my Apple iPad. Imagine, saving N500 and getting 2Gigs extra. Makes sense..huh?

This innovation from Glo Mobile is really fantastic because my laptop does not need to be switched on and I don't need to stay close to the laptop before I can browse on my iPad. I can be at the office and browse on the iPad while the laptop is at home. You know, this will not be possible if you are using WiFi to share the internet connection between your laptop and your Apple iPad.

Want To Share Your Internet This Way?

Get a Glo Micro SIM card for your iPad, get the phone number handy, subscribe to at least Always Min (N5000 for 3Gigs), head over to GloHSIPortal and follow the steps here in sharing your internet connection.

I hope this helps.

If you have contribution or questions to ask, kindly let me hear from you via comments.



  1. Kolawole11/18/2012

    This is really great bro. I am interested in doing this too but my iPad does not use SIM card. what can I do?

    1. That means it's a wiFi iPad and not wifi+3G iPad. You can only connect to the internet with it via WiFi.

  2. Bro Jide. Please help me on this.
    My blogger blog is not showing pictures in the homepage of the mobile version, where can I set it so that the pictures will show?

    1. This is off topic bro. Mail me and I will get back to you.

  3. Hello Jide, I need your urgent help here. I have been trying your line for like the past one year. Actually I am having issues with sharing my subscription between my laptop and my ipad. I got a brand new Ipad and thought being able to share subscription was a fantastic idea but I am kinda being disappointed here.

    I bought the mini sim card and did exactly what you explained above and the safari browser on my ipad did alright, I was fascinated until it stopped after 3 minutes, the 3G disappeared and then nothing.

    That has been my problem for the past three days o

    When I restart the ipad, normally the 3G would show and I could browse alright for up to three minutes and then it disappears for the rest of the day, Is there anything you think I should do?

    1. 3G will disappear or it changes to EDGE?

  4. Does it work with an iphone?


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