How To Change AdDynamo Ads Display from Image to Text Only

Yesterday, a friend complained to me that he is tired of seeing Ad-Dynamo ad banners on his blog and would love to run only Ad Dynamo text ads on his blog. I let him realize that it is possible even if he doesn't want to block AdDynamo ads completely. In this post, I have decided to share with you how I guided him in configuring his AdDynamo channels to display only text ads.

How To Get Started

I expect you to have an active AdDynamo account. If not, you can read how to open AdDynamo account here.

==> Go to and log into your Publisher's account

==> Click on the  "Channels" tab

==> Click on the "Web" tab or "Mobile" tab depending on the type of channel you want to edit

==> You should now see all your "channels" with some icons next to each channel

==> Click on the "edit this channel" icon as seen in the screenshot below:

==> You should now see a new page similar to the screenshot below:

==>  In the "Advert Type" drop down box, select : "Text Only"

==> Click the "Save" button.

That's all.

If you view the configure channel on your blog, you will see it displaying ONLY text ads.

NOTE: You have to set all the Ad-Dynamo channels on your blog this way if you want all of them to display text ads ONLY.

Text Only, Image Only, Text/Image ads....which one do you prefer and why? Please, let me hear from you via comments.



James said…
This is really helpful. I also prefer text only because most addynamo ad banners have seen so far are somehow boring. if it is Adsense, I prefer text/image
Charles said…
Adddynamo is a good compared to adsense is the best
Anonymous said…
i dont know why, addynamo pay per click is too low, i wish adsense approve me very soon.
Wilbersoft said…
Really don't know. Please between adsense and addynamo, which is better?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
It's obvious. Adsense is far better
Jide Ogunsanya said…
what is Google's reasons for not approving your Adsense application?
Olumide Owaduge said…
Heard addynamo is owned by a Nigerian, how true Jide?
i just submitted my google AdSense application today,i hope they will approve me
unfortunately,they didn't approved my adsense account,am really you have any idea?

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Onyema Shedrach said…
Plz mr jide I want to know how to add web site like to the tex