How To Write Blog Posts Using Nokia Phones OviMail App

You have a Nokia phone and wondering if you can be using it to write posts to your Blogger blog? Well, YOU CAN. In one of my recent posts, I published how Mail2Blogger Lets You Post To Your Blog by Sending Emails. In this post, I am sharing with you, how to use the Mail2Blogger and the Nokia's OviMail application in publishing posts to your Blogger blog.

How To Get Started

I expect you to have your unique Mail2Blogger ID handy. If not, click here to read how to get your unique Mail-to-Blogger address.

The email address is what you will need to send posts via email to your blog. You can use the address to post text and images (up to 10MB in size) directly to your blog, though you can choose to publish email immediately or save emails as draft post.

==> Launch the OviMail application on your Nokia phone

==> Connect your GMail account and sign in so you can compose a new message

==> You should see something similar to the picture below

OviMail on Nokia Asha 202

==> Enter your Mail2Blogger email address in the "To" field

==> Enter the title of your blog post in the "Subject" field

==> Type your post inside the "Message" box

==> To insert a picture, click "options" ~~ "attach" ~~ "from gallery" to select the picture.

==> Once you are OK with the post, click "Send".

==> If you view your blog, you should see your post on your blog provided you set your Mail2Blogger to publish emails immediately.

That's all.

If I can post to my Blogger blogs using Nokia Asha 202, I expect this to work for you too in as much as your Nokia phone has an Ovi Mail application.

Do you also use Mail2Blogger to post to your blog? If yes, kindly share your experience via comments.

If you have contributions to make or have questions to ask, kindly relay them via comments too.


  1. Wow! I never knew I could even insert pictures into my posts with that Ovi Mail app. Thanks alot bro but would you suggest I set it to publish immediately or save as draft?

    1. Set it to publish immediately unless you want to be editing your Mail2Blogger posts on PC before publishing them to your blog.

  2. That was i nice tip, A reader of my blog was asking if he can use his blackberry phone to post articles to his blog? All i told him was you can post articles to your blog via mobile but didn't know what and what to tell him cos i don't do the mobile stuff. This is a great tip to get started blogging on mobile. But one thing i discovered is one can't exercise some on-page search engine optimization practice while posting from a mobile phone most especially using blogger permalinks.

  3. dats y i like u bro, u are too much, cant beleive dis but where will d image be and aw can i insert image in middle of post, for example if d image is to use for illustration


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