Posted to Benue State for NYSC? This Info Might Help You

You have been posted to Benue state for your NYSC and now wondering what Benue looks like, how long it will take to travel to Benue state, how to locate the NYSC camp in Benue etc ???. Though, I did not serve in Benue but I am working presently in Benue, Otukpo precisely. Hence, I have decided to share with you,some info that might help you.

Benue is a state in the MidEast region of Nigeria with Makurdi as the capital. It is not a typical "Hausa" state as most people think. Tiv, Idoma, and Igede are spoken predominantly. Nevertheless, you will still find traces of Igbos and Yorubas in the state. David Mark (current Senate President), Tuface and TerryG (Popular Nigerian Musicians) are all from Benue State.

The state is referred to as the "Food Basket of the Nation" because it's a rich agricultural region. Hence, if you are the type that likes food alot, don't worry, you can eat the way you like without having to drain your allowee account..lol. Food is cheap and there are plenty fruits!

makurdi, benue state
Wurukum round-about, Makurdi, Benue state

If you are posted to Makurdi and its environs, be ready to cope with a hot weather during the dry season. The south-eastern part of the state adjoining the Obudu-Cameroun mountain range, however, has a cooler climate similar to that of the Jos Plateau.

Where is Benue NYSC Orientation Camp Located?

The NYSC orientation camp in Benue state is located at Wanunne, Tarka Local Government Area, Kilometer 35 Makurdi Gboko Road, Benue State. .

Makurdi to Wannune(NYSC camp) is about 40 minutes.

Lagos to Benue state by road is about 10 - 11 hours if you do not encounter any delay on the road. You can get direct bus to Makurdi or Gboko from Iddo Park, Oyingbo (around Yaba), Lagos. Transport fare as at the time of publishing this is around N5,000. It's better you book ahead a day before you travel. If not, you should try and get to the park as early as possible. First Buses leave Lagos around 7-8 am.  If you live along Badagry express road, i.e from Mile 2 down to Badagry and think you can't get to iddo Park that early, you can get Pleasure Travels just opposite Army Barracks.

If you are coming from the East, I am not sure if you can get a direct bus to Makurdi but you can ask around. I know "Peace Transport" is very popular in the East. You can go to their park to find out. They also have a park at "Obollo Affor". Hence, if they are not coming directly to Benue, you can enter a "Peace" bus coming to Obollo. From Obollo, you will get a direct bus to Otukpo (Not OtukpA). From Otukpo, you can easily get to Makurdi and from there, locating the camp is easy. Another alternative from East, is through 9th mile from where you'll easily get Otukpo or if you're lucky, a direct bus going to Makurdi.

For those who can't make it to Wanunne, you can sleep in any of the numerous hotels and guest houses in Makurdi,Otukpo etc. then proceed to Wannune the next morning. For those that can't go to a hotel,just go to the NCCF family house and pass the night. You will be welcomed there and been in the midst of others will even help you with what to expect in NYSC camp and outside. When the bus from Lagos or wherever stops you at Wurukum Park in Makurdi, just take a bike from there to NCCF Family house at Ankpa Quaters, beside the state INEC office. The fare should not be more than 100naira.

Where Is Benue State NYSC Secretariat?


The State secretariat is located at Railway Bye-pass, Makurdi and the other secretariats can be found at the different local government offices in the state.  You will be going to the nearest NYSC secretariat for your CDs.

You can reach me if you need any other info as I would be glad to be of assistance especially if you are posted to Otukpo after the orientation camp. I know you will enjoy your stay.

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In one of my future posts, I hope to share how I won a state award during my NYSC year in Anambra State. Just make sure you subscribe to this blog for you not to miss my future articles.

If you have questions to ask, contributions to make or want to share your NYSC experience at Benue, please let me hear from you via comments.

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  1. Anonymous11/02/2012

    Is it true that there are a lot of people infected with HIV in benue state?

    1. Well, researches claim Benue has highest prevalence of HIV in Nigeria but that doesn't mean everybody in Benue is infected. HIV is everywhere in the world. My advice is for Corpers to zip up or stay protected.

  2. Thanks for the info!.

  3. Heheh... I once heard that too....

    Its funny how stuff are been made up and within a blink of an eye it gets through the nation... I can remember when "they" said... Gombe (kaltungo) to be precised where I served is full of infected peeps...lol... A fresh corper must get scared...

    Maybe prof. Jide shld clear this if it actually thru in benue....

    1. Lol..there is no place you will go in Nigeria for your Youth service and people won't say something bad about it.

  4. Anonymous11/02/2012

    Please what bus service can I use from abuja? And how long does it take to get to the benue nysc camp? Thanks in advance

    1. Loads of them are in Abuja because you can get a direct bus from there to Benue. Benue Links is OK. Abuja to Makurdi is between 3-4 hours.

    2. Ojigbo Adenike11/04/2012

      I actually served in Benue and all what he (Mr Jide) sid is true except the food part, the price of food here (am in Ugbokolo) is the same compared to anywhere else not cheaper even more expensive. Nevertheless, service year is a life-time experience that every undergraduates must look forward to.

  5. Uncle Jide is right, I did my secondary education at Federal Science and Technical College in Otukpo. My 6 yrs in Otukpo was good , The food there is cheap, but the immorality in Otukpo is too much, But i enjoyed my stay in Otukpo especially the cheap food

  6. Anonymous6/24/2013

    Jide thank you so much for the info but can you please describe how the camp look like? Hall, maammy, social life etc

  7. See the way u are talking about benue state as if you're an indigene of the state. Nice one......i love my state, proud Tiv boy

  8. Its cool reading stuffs like this i personal appreciate the state in terms of agricultural productivityin the state agriculture

  9. benue is one of the state i will like to go for my nysc,nice people,my dad once work in benue,

  10. Nice post Bro. I had most of the villages do not have browsing network in Benue state. Just wondering what those that are facebook addicts will do when the found themselves in such place.

    1. Just pray they don't post you to a village where there is no browsing network. Else, na one chance oo my brother.

  11. Anonymous8/04/2014

    Fellow corper,,,pls try and stay away from benue girls,,,90% of them are actually posses and are out there to ruin men with bright future hence the hight immorality in that land,,,,,SEX is nothing to them,,and that is what the devil uses to destroy men,,,,

    Good luck to you all,,,,

  12. Anonymous10/30/2014

    Please which hotel do you recommend in makurdi

  13. Wao bros, you are just to good at explanation.

  14. "Hence, if you are the type that likes food alot, don't worry, you can eat the way you like........."

    Lol! No be lie sha. Food supply is in abundance in my state. I could remember a few corpers returning from Benue State who were telling me they enjoyed the cheap food there.

  15. Anonymous10/29/2015

    Pls how much do the govt pay corpers

    1. You will only get your normal allowee. Benue state is not paying corpers except you work in private firms like NetDivo :)

  16. thanks for the tips this will sure be helpful

  17. Joseph Yisa-Nor12/20/2016

    Mr.Jide Ogunsanya U're a #GENIUS everything U've said is VERY TRUE and what surprises Me is that U're NOT a Born Soil. Me SALUTE U! SIR®


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