How Do I Center Addynamo Ads In My Blog Header?

You have created your AdDynamo account, copied and added the ad codes to your blog but still not satisfied with the way the ad appears on your blog? Well, you can centralize the ad with some lines of codes. In this post, am sharing with you, how to make your AdDynamo ad appear in the middle of your blog header.

Arranging your blog in a way that makes your Addynamo or Google Adsense ads appear at the center of your blog header will make your blog look neat and professional. So, let's get started.


==> Log in to your AdDynamo account

==> Create an ad channel and copy your ad code

==> Paste the code into a notepad

==> Add <center> at the top of your ad code

==> Add </center> at the end of your ad code

E.g if your ad code is xxxxxxxxxxx, it should become:


==> Now, log in to your blog dashboard

==> Click on "Layout"

==> Right in the Header region, click "Add a gadget"

==> Choose "HTML/Javascript" gadget from the list of gadgets

==> Paste the code of the centralized Addynamo ad into it. Leave the title blank.

==> Click SAVE.

That's all

View your  blog and you should see the AdDynamo ad appearing at the center of your blog header region.

I hope this helps.


==> If you can't find the "Add A Gadget" link, read : "How To Add Extra Widgets To Any Section of Blogger Layout"

==> You can also follow the steps above in making your Google Adsense ad appear in the center of your blog header.



  1. Thanks for the info bro. I never knew its this simple but please, can I also use this trick to centralize the banners on my blog's sidebar?

  2. this was what i was waiting for. Tanx Jide.

  3. I have no idea how to change d post title colours on my blog. I use the Simple blogger template. Can u help?

  4. Thanks for sharing this. even though am not currently serving addynamo ads on my blog, but i know that it will be useful in the future. Thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing, i would apply same tweak to adsense on my wordpress blog.

    BTW.. I saw your addynamo text ads on my blog. I like your hardwork.

  6. Apart from addynamo can i use this trick on other ad programs like openadnation ???

  7. Hi Jide! Kindly ignore my last message, hadn't seen this before sending it, got it from google search after afterwards. God bless you real good.

  8. hi Hide, this really worked for my blog.. thanks so much. please i have been usin addynamo since 2 months now and theres no changes in the earning status. please try and help me out...

  9. cool it was realy ogbonge


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