How To Share Glo Bolt Modem Plans

You've bought the Glo Bolt internet modem and now wondering how you can share your Glo data plans? Well, it's quite easy to do, right at the Glo Bolt HSI page provided you've subscribed to at least the Glo Always Min data plan.

If you subscribe to any Glo internet bundle less than the Always Min, you will not see the "share" button at the Glo HSI page, hence you will not be able to share the data plan. As at the time of publishing this post, only five glo mobile data plans can be shared. They are: Always Max, Always Min, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

If you have many mobile devices, you can consider using Glo SIM cards on the devices, so you can easily share your Glo mobile internet subscription across all the devices.  This will save you some money. More so, let's assume you have a wife and 3 children. The HSI sharing will make it possible for you to buy only one plan and share it with them instead of paying for 5 separate subscriptions.

Although, you cannot allocate a particular data volume to a recipient at the Glo HSI page but you can stop sharing with a sharer at any point in time. You can also share your Glo data package with a subscriber with an active subscription though the priority is sharing and subscribed. In other words, shared plans will be consumed first before subscribed plans.

So, How Do I Share My Glo Bolt Data Plan?

I have explained it when I published : "How To Share Glo Internet Subscriptions With Other Glo SIMs Without Networking". Click here to follow the HSI Sharing tutorial.

You can also check out the new Glo Bolt data tariffs with their respective subscription codes.

volume of glo bolt data plans
New data volume of Glo data bundles

I hope this helps.


  1. Thanks alot for this clarification. I followed the sharing tutorial you published sometimes ago and couldn't see the sharing feature. Now I know why. Its simply because I cant share Always Micro. Thanks once again.

    1. Yes, you cannot share "Always Micro". If you subscribe to the Glo Always Micro plan, you will not see the share button on the HSI page.


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