How I Added Related Posts Widget To Blogger Blog

Many readers of your blog will spend more time on our blog after reading a post, if they see more related posts. If you really want to increase the page views of your blog, then you must be showing related posts under each post on your blog. In this post, I am sharing with you, how I added a widget/plugin to my blog , which displays list of related posts below each post on my Blogger blog.

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Sharemobile.ro: Download Java, Symbian Applications and Games

At www.sharemobile.ro, you can upload and download series of files to your mobile device. Sharemobile.ro is a site designed for users that want to share their mobile contents with the world. When you connect to the site, sharemobile serves you the right page for your mobile device. You can upload via PC and download from your mobile and vice-versa.

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Pixlr.com Editor: Create Banners and Edit Images Online

Pixlr Editor is an online utility which you can use to create ad banners and edit images online, free of charge. It is a very good Adobe Photoshop alternative, which you can make use of on the internet without having to install it to your computer.

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How To Change Back To Old Blogger Dashboard

Recently, Blogger introduced a new clean interface designed for a streamlined blogging experience. While some Bloggers including me,are enjoying the new Blogger interface, some are not. If you have switched to the new Blogger interface and not yet comfortable with it, you can still switch back to the old Blogger dashboard.

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How To Add Friends on Mozat Chat App

After you might have installed Mozat messenger onto your phone, you will have to add friends for you to chat using the Mozat app.  You can add friends by adding their Mozat PINs. If you know the phone number of your friend, you can also add the friend using his/her mobile number.

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Amazing ZESTROBOT Automated Forex Software

Are you fed up with the get rich quick scheme of everyone promising heaven and delivering hell? How about something TRULY amazing and profitable? Something that has never been featured on the world wide web ever before?

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Google Plus One Counter added to New Blogger Dashboard

Blogger has introduced another Google Plus integration feature into Blogger dashboard. You might have already noticed this if you are using the new Blogger dashboard. The new feature is a "Google Plus One Counter".

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How To Load Airtime on Glo iPad Without Removing SIM Card

You can load recharge cards or airtime on the Apple iPad powered by Glo Mobile Nigeria, without removing your SIM card from your iPad. Mind you, your iPad must be 3G iPad and not just a wifi iPad.  ( Ordinary wifi iPads do not have slot for SIM card) .

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How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools

In my previous posts, I have shared with you, how to submit your Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and I also explained how to submit your blog to Yahoo and Bing search engines. Today, I am sharing with you, how to submit the sitemap of your Blogger/Blogspot blog to Bing webmaster tools.

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How to Check BIS Expiry Date of Etisalat, Airtel, Glo and MTN Blackberry Internet Service

You can easily track your Blackberry Internet service usage via text message or by dialing a code. You will be able to know the expiry date of your BIS and also your BIS data balance. Below are ways you can check the expiry date of your MTN BIS, Glo BIS, Airtel BIS and Etisalat BIS.

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Microsoft Office for the iPad Free Alternative: CloudOn App

Recently, Microsoft was reported to be working on Microsoft Office suite for iPad but as at the time of publishing this article, Microsoft office app for iPad is nowhere to be found. Fortunately, I have stumbled on a Free app that brings full Microsoft office functionality to the Apple iPad, though you can only download the Microsoft office for iPad alternative, only from US Apple iTunes App store.

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How To Submit Blog To Bing and Yahoo Search Engine

After creating your blog, I am sure you will like to see your blog appear as part of the search results displayed when Yahoo search engine is used to search for anything that you might have posted to your blog. For your blog to be listed as part of Yahoo search results, you must add your site to Yahoo. This is part of what is known as "Search Engine Optimization".

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How To Print Recharge Cards/Vouchers With A Free Software (Mtn, Glo, Airtel etc)


 ==>  Get the latest Recharge card printing software here.

This short note is for those who really want to start the recharge voucher printing business on a small scale or for those who just want to give it a try. You must have access to a computer before you can use this software, not compulsory that it is connected to internet. You can always sort the processes that involve internet at cyber cafes or anywhere you can get access to internet.

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UCweb Download: Free Mobile Browser For Phones and Tablets

UC browser (ucweb) is a free mobile browser that supports both wap and web page browsing. With UC browser, you could put the internet into your pocket and enjoy mobile life in a faster and easier way. UC Browser is currently available on thousands of handsets and has different versions, including Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile, Smart phone and iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

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How To Remove Mobstac Code from Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Mobstac has been powering the mobile version of OgbongeBlog for a while now but I have decided to stop using the service. I have removed the code from my blog, hence, you will no longer be redirected to the mobstac-powered mobile version of Ogbongeblog if you access www.ogbongeblog.com with your mobile phone.

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www.mozat.com : Website to Download Mozat Messenger

At www.mozat.com , you can download the Mozat chat application to your mobile phones, blackberry, android device and tablet. If you do not know what Mozat is, well, Mozat is a mobile application that alows you to meet and connect with friends, using your Unique PIN.

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Etisalat Blackberry Subscription Codes For Etisalat BB Social and Etisalat BB Complete

Blackberry Etisalat activation is now as cheap as N1, 300 per month as at the time of publishing this post. Etisalat Blackberry services offer world-class Blackberry service to new and existing subscribers of etisalat Nigeria. Etisalat Nigeria now offers new Etisalat Blackberry packages tagged: etisalat BB Social and etisalat BB Complete in addition to existing Etisalat Blackberry internet service (BIS) and BES.

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Let Me Add You Fan Page as FAVORITES to my Two Facebook Fan Pages PERMANENTLY

I have decided to give you the opportunity to add your Facebook Fan page, permanently as favorites to my two Facebook fan pages. In addition, I will share your Fan Page on the walls of the fan pages so that my fans can check out your fan page.

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Where To Buy Cheap Blackberry Phones

If you are looking for where to get cheap blackberry phones, I have some suggestions for you. This blog post will let you know where can find cheap blackberry phones for sale.

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Mozat Access Code NOT Sent To Your Phone?..The Solution

Recently, I shared how to download Mozat chat messenger to phones but I have noticed that many new users are finding it hard to verify their Mozat registration. Today, I have decided to share with you, a trick I used  to verify my Mozat account when my Mozat access code was not sent to my phone after registration.

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How To Add Tabs to Blogger Blogs Header Section

Creating Blogger menu is now very easy via the new Blogspot Interface. You can now create menu on Blogspot blogs without using html and you can make the tabs to link to a post/page on your blog, a label or any external link. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create navigation tabs for your blogger blog without html coding.

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Download Mozilla fire fox for Android

Firefox is now optimized for tablets. The Mozilla Firefox Web browser now brings the best of desktop browsing to Android phones and tablets via "Firefox for Android".

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DSTV Payment Online in Nigeria at Quickteller.com Explained

There might be instances when you might not be able to make it to the bank or a dstv agent for you to pay for your dstv subscription, hence the need for an online payment for dstv. Today, I have decided to share with you, how to pay dstv subscription online in Nigeria.

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Mozat Download for Nokia, Blackberry, Android, iPhone and iPad

Wondering, "What is Mozat"? Well, Mozat is  MOZAT is a mobile social app that aims to connect you with friends on Nokia and other mobile devices. MOZAT works on Java feature phone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPad; just one App to keep all your friends connected. Once you signed up with Mozat, you will be issued your own unique PIN just like the BBM PIN.

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How To Add Reply Option To Blogspot Comments Without Javascript

Blogger now supports threaded commenting, hence, you might notice the "reply" option on below comments on blogspot blogs. This means it is now much easier to differentiate between whether someone is making a general comment on the thread, or responding to another comment on the thread.

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How To Enable Facebook Status Near Location (eg near Marseille, France)

Today, I have decided to share with you, how to add "near location" to Facebook status updates. You will see a location line like " --near Marseille, France" under Facebook status updates of people that have activated it on their Facebook profiles. Sharing your location lets you tell family and friends where you are as you’re posting, though not always accurate because some people now set fake locations.

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What is 2go ?

"What is 2go?" This is what some of my friends keep asking me and I have decided to use this post to explain what 2go is all about. Well, 2go a social networking mobile application that allows you to connect to friends and meet new people.

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Blogger Settings (Posts and Comments) Explained

In one of my previous posts, I have explained the Blogger Basic Settings. Today, I am sharing with you how to set the "Posts and Comments" settings of Blogspot blogs.

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Blogspot Settings (Basic) Explained

After you might have created your blog and have published your first post, the next thing you should do is to configure the basic settings of your blogspot blog. On the Blogspot Basic Settings page, you can change your blog title, add a description to your blog, and set your blog to be listed in search engines.

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10 Essential Things You Need To Have In Your House Before Labour Strike Starts

From Evernote:

10 Essential Things You Need To Have In Your House Before Labour Strike Starts

Before the labour strike starts in Nigeria, on Monday, January 9, 2012, there are 10 essential things you need to have in your house. I got this as a broadcast from one of my bbm contacts and I decided to share with you.

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How To Create New Paragraph or Line Break within a Facebook Comment

You might have noticed that before now, you can easily create a new paragraph or line break within a Facebook comment by mere pressing the ENTER key on your keyboard but this is no longer the case with the new Facebook Timeline.

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How To Write a Blog Post (Complete Guide including Pictures)

If you want to start a blog and make money, you will have to create a blog and monetize the blog. After creating your blog, you will have to be writing articles on the blog in other to always keep it updated. The more you write in blog, the more it grows bigger.  In this article, I am sharing with you, how you can be writing blog posts on Blogspot blogs.

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You have been awarded N500,000 Naira in the GTBank New Year promo is SCAM

I just stumbled on a new scam while checking through my email inbox and decided to share it with you. The email message is titled "YOU HAVE BEEN AWARDED N500,000 NAIRA IN THE GTBANK NEW YEAR PROMO"  with  "GeNS@gtbank.com" been displayed as the sender.

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Top web hosting companies in Nigeria

A friend of mine asked me yesterday to help him find out the top webhosting companies in Nigeria and been a nice guy, i decided to help him with the search. While i was busy combing through the web, i was linked to http://www.webhosting.info/webhosts/tophosts/Country/NG which is a great place to see the statistics of the webhosting countries in Nigeria.

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How To Use an Alternate Name (eg nickname) in Facebook Profile Name

If you are interested in listing your second name on your Facebook account (eg nickname, professional name or maiden name), you will have to add an alternate name to your Facebook account.

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Many Opera Mini users have been asking me for link to download Opera Mini casts rebirth handler. As a result of this, I decided to get it, uploaded it to 4shared so you can easily download it from there.

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How To Play Konami PES 2012 on iPad and iPhone

If you are a fan of Konami PES Soccer game, you can download PES2012 to your iPad or iPhone and be playing it with the help of virtual joystick  and virtual buttons which appear on the screen while playing the game.

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Prices of London Used Blackberry Phones in Nigeria

If interested in buying UK used or london used blackberry phones (BB), you can easily get them in Nigeria. The price of second hand blackberry phones in Nigeria is not really fixed. A clean, fairly used BB without scratches will surely be expensive than one with scratches.

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