A Mobile Site for Checking JAMB Results Online

Have you ever been looking for an easy way to check your JAMB result from the comfort of your mobile phones? If yes, now you can easily check your JAMB result by using a simple light-weight mobile site called Jambito

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Check JAMB Results

The online JAMB result checker allows you to check the result of your JAMB/UTME exam by just entering your registration number into the form and click the "enter" button. It is very easy to use and available on the JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) official website.

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How To Send Pictures From Blackberry To Facebook Friends

Have some pictures on your Blackberry phone which you would like to share with some Facebook friends that are not on your BBM contact list? Well, you can get this done without stress. All you just need is the facebook username of your friend.

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How To Add Privacy Policy to Blogger's Attribution

In this tutorial, I am sharing with you how I added a link to my blog's privacy policy page beside the Blogger's attribution in the footer of my blog. You have to include an appropriate privacy policy in your site/blog because it is part of the terms & conditions of Google Adsense. Failure to do so might get you kicked out of the Google Adsense programme and might make Google not to accept your application if you apply for Google Adsense.

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Simple Trick For Saving YouTube Video To Phones

Few days back, I created a video on how to use 2go chat application on computer, uploaded it to YouTube and shared it on the wall of the BloggersLab Facebook group. Interestingly, Damilare Bakare commented that he downloaded the video to his phone using a simple trick he posted to his blog. I tried the trick and I was able to download the Youtube video to my Blackberry phone, hence decided to share with you. The trick will work for you in as much as you can access the internet with your mobile phone.

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Download 2go for Blackberry(version 3): Free 2go Chat with BIS

Good news for Blackberry 2go users- if you redownload 2go from wap.2go.im, your 2go data usage will be free if you have BIS enabled through your network operator. This simply means your airtime will now remain intact while you chat on 2go messenger using your Blackberry phone.

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Get Recordings and Seminar Materials on How to Make Money Importing Products from Abroad

UPDATE: OFFER CLOSED. Hence, the links have been removed.

The seminar on "How To Import Products From China, Thailand, USA and UK for Less Than $1 Each And Resell Them Profitably For N15,000 Naira And Above " took place on Saturday 24th March 2012 and was successful. If you missed the seminar for one reason or the other, you can still get the recorded version of the seminar with the resource materials, if you are interested in it.

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Simple Steps to Get 2go On Computer

In this tutorial, I am taking you through simple steps you can take to install and start chatting with 2go on your computer. You must have a 2go account for you to easily follow this tutorial. Hence,if you have not yet registered, you can read through "How to Open 2go account Free".

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How To Add Description To Individual Posts of Blogger Blogs

Adding Search description for individual blog posts on Blogger/Blogspot blogs is now possible. It is one of the new features recently introduced into Blogger blogs, which also include the ability to add a custom 404 page to your blog. The description attribute within the tag is a good way to provide a concise, human-readable summary of each page’s content.

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How To Create Custom 404 Page for Blogspot Blog

The ability to add a custom “Page Not Found” (eg. a “404”) message to your blog, is one of the new features recently introduced into Blogger blogs. A Customized 404 page allows you to easily guide your blog readers on how to navigate or link back to your blog should in case the blog reader navigates to a broken link on your blog or to a page that is temporarily down.

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Livescores.com: Get football results Online

If you are looking for a website where you can be getting soccer or football live scores, I highly recommend www.livescores.com for you.

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Reminder of Seminar on How To Make Money Importing Products From China, Thailand, USA and UK

UPDATE: OFFER CLOSED. Hence, the links have been removed.

This is just to remind you that the seminar on "How To Import Products From China, Thailand, USA and UK for Less Than $1 Each And Resell Them Profitably For N15,000 Naira And Above " will hold tomorrow, Saturday 24th March 2012.

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Winner of OgbongeBlog's Contest (Free 125x125 ad banner slot) Announced.

I am delighted to inform you that the winner of the first Ogbongeblog's blog contest has emerged courtesy of Rafflecopter.

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REMINDER of Blog Giveaway: Win Free 125 x 125 Ad Slot

I am using this opportunity to remind you of the blog giveaway, which gives you the chance of winning a free 125x125 Ad slot on this blog, ogbongeblog.com. The blog contest kicked off on March 19th and will end on 21st of March. Hence, you can still enter and win.

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How To Import Products From China, Thailand, USA and UK for Less Than $1 Each And Resell Them Profitably For N15,000 Naira And Above - Risk Free!

UPDATE: OFFER CLOSED. Hence, the links have been removed.

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking to start a simple, no-hassle business that gives you all the freedom you want in the world to be with your family and enjoy yourself, I have the perfect business for you.  It’s called Importing!

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Promo: Buy Domain Names in Nigeria for N1000/yr

I am delighted to inform you that AimTech Nigeria, a registered Nigerian web hosting company with world class web hosting and domain registration services since 2007 is offering 5 domain extensions at the cost of N1,000 per year each. This is an offer in appreciation of the 800 clients who had made it possible for the company to grow from providing 5 extensions in 2007 to 28 extensions in 2012.

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Blog Contest: Win Free 125 x 125 Ad Slot at OgbongeBlog.com

I have decided to start organising blog contests on this blog, with awesome giveaways. In this first contest, if you emerge as the lucky winner, you will win a free 125 x 125 ad slot on the sidebar of my blog and will be able to use the slot for 30 days in promoting your blog, product or services.

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MTN Family and Friends Codes

In one of my previous posts, I explained what MTN Family and Friends Xpanded is all about and how to migrate to the plan. Today, I am sharing with you, the codes you will need to add, delete and view your Family and friends numbers.

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Dudamobile mobile version of Ogbongeblog Vs Mobstac Mobile Version

I decided to use dudamobile.com to create a mobile version of ogbongeblog.com and compare it with the mobile version powered by mobstac. Considering what I have observed so far, I still prefer Mobstac to Dudamobile.

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What is Badoo All About?

Lately, I keep receiving emails with subject line "....has left you a message on Badoo" despite the fact that I don't even know what Baddo is all about not until today. This frequent emails forced me to find out what exactly is Badoo and have decided to share my findings with you.

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Scam Alert: "Update Your Yahoo Account" is Phishing Email Scam

Today, I am sharing with you, another phishing email scam message I received in my Yahoo inbox today. This time around, the spammers think they can fool me to get the log in details of my Yahoo account..

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How To Buy Recharge Cards Online

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you "How To Pay DSTV Subscription Online at Quickteller.com". Today, I am sharing with you, how I recharge my phone at Quickteller.com with my ATM card. When I don't have much cash at hand, all I do, is to log on to the site and buy airtime conveniently.

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Video Tutorial on How To Make Header Banner using Pixlr Online Editor

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you, a review of Pixlr.com Editor; an online tool which allows you to easily create banners and edit images online. While on Youtube, I stumbled on a video tutorial which explains how to make header banner for your blog or website using Pixlr Editor and I decided to share it with you.

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Recharge Card Printing Business Scams You Must Avoid

==>  Get the latest Recharge card printing software here and watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge cards here.


You can watch the video tutorial on how to print recharge vouchers at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI06aXUnO_M

The Recharge card printing business in Nigeria is still booming, though it is not as lucrative as most people claim and now only makes sense to big time investors. Due to the way people show interest in getting involved in the business, some thieves are using the opportunity to scam some innocent people, hence the need for me to come up with this post.

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How I solved the "Unable to validate the email address and password combination " error in BlackBerry App World

Couple of months back, I bought my Blackberry phone, downloaded a few apps and after some time, I just couldn't access Blackberry AppWorld anymore. Whenever I try to log into the Blackberry AppWorld, I either see "Unable to validate the email address and password combination" or "An error has occurred. Please try again later". After doing some research, I stumbled on some solutions which I tried and right now I can now access my Blackberry AppWorld account. Hence, I have decided to share with you how I fixed the errors, should in case you are experiencing similar problems.

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4 Rules You Should Know About Google+ Pages

At Google+ earlier today, I decided to share my circles with my Google+'s page, so I can easily be following updates of some friends while I use Google+ as my page instead of my personal profile. While trying to do this, all I was seeing was an error message: "You can't add one or more of these people or pages to your circles." Instantly, I searched Google and was able to see the reasons why I cannot circle some peeps while using Google+ as a Page. Hence, I have decided to share with you 4 rules you should know about Google+ Pages.

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How I Save Youtube Videos to My Computer

At YouTube.com, I watch series of videos ranging from music videos to tutorials and I download them to my PC, so I could always watch them offline, anytime I want. Sometimes, I transfer the videos to my iPad, and also convert them to video formats I can easily watch on my Blackberry.

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Price of Cheap Dual SIM Android Phones in Nigeria

UPDATE: I now own one of the Android phones below. Check out the features of my new Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos here.

If you are looking for cheap Android phones you can buy in Nigeria which are dual SIM smartphones, you can check out the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS and the Galaxy Y DUOS.

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The New iPad Video Commercial and Walkthrough

Apple has unveiled the next-gen iPad called "the new iPad" instead of the rumoured iPad 3 and iPad HD. The New Apple iPad, which lets you connect to fast data networks around the world — up to 4G LTE, offers a Retina display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 with around 263.92 ppi. Apple also says that it has four times more pixels than iPad 2.

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GTBank "Compulsory Verification" is a SCAM. Beware!

The scammers are at it again and have started spreading false emails about compulsory verification of GTBank customers accounts, that failure to verify your account will result to termination of your internet banking.. Below is a screenshot of the email message sent to me:

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How to Watch DSTV on Blackberry

You can now watch DSTV on Blackberry, just as you can watch DSTV on some Nokia phones, iPhone and iPad, though the DStv Mobile Decoder for Blackberry is available as a public beta.

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Download Facebook Messenger for PC

You can now keep up with your Facebook friends, no matter what you are doing on your PC, thanks to the new Facebook Messenger for Windows. Whether you're surfing other websites or using another software, you don't have to click away to stay connected with your Facebook friends.

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How To Use Adsense Payment Number To Get DHL Tracking Number of Your Adsense Cheque

In one of my posts, I explained how to use Payment number to trace location of Google Adsense check. Well, using the same method, you can easily get the DHL tracking number of your Google Adsense check should in case, Google is delaying in updating your Payment history page with the DHL tracking number of your Adsense check.

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Price to Buy Nokia N8 in Nigeria

The Nokia N8 is a VGA videocall camera phone running on Symbian^3 OS, upgradable to Nokia Belle with features that include the sleeker Symbian^3 user interface, multi-touch support and true multi-tasking. This touchscreen smartphone also features a 12 MP camera for capturing stunning photos and 720p HD videos.

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How to Get List of Blogs You Are Following

If you have been following some blogs via the Google FriendConnect "Followers" gadget, you can easily get the list of blogs you have followed so far.  This will be so helpful to you in managing blogs you are following.

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Activation Codes for Etisalat Daily and Weekly Data Plans

The Etisalat Nigeria Easynet bundle is data plan that gives you access to a specified bundle of data of 10MB daily and 50MBweekly. Just pick your phone or Etisalat modem, then add an easynet plan of your choice and you are on the World Wide Web. Simple and Easy!

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How To Join Eskimi Chat

m.eskimi.com is one of the growing mobile networking sites where you can meet people and have fun chatting with them. As at the time of publishing this, majority of the members are Nigerians. Hence, if you are looking for a Nigeria social networking site where you can chat in Nigeria, you can try eskimi.com, though it is Lithuania based.

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Nutsie.com: Listen to Top Music Online ( iTunes Top 100 etc)

If you are interested in a free music site to listen to top music, then you should give nutsie.com a try. Nutsie is an internet radio website, similar to the well known, Pandora.com.

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MTN RAVE Android Phone : Price and Where to Buy It in Nigeria

If you are searching for a cheap Android phone to buy in Nigeria, you can check out the new MTN RAVE Android phone.

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How To Share Blog Posts from Blogger dashboard to Google Plus

One of the new features of Blogger.com is the ability to share a post with your Google+ friends, though for you to be able to do this, you must have linked your blog with your Google plus account.

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