How To Win iPad3 in the Indomie Refer and Win Contest

Dufil Prima Foods Plc,the producer of Indomie Noodles is willing to give out the Apple iPad 3 in a Refer and Win competition which will come to an end in the next 19 days. For you to win the iPad3, you must emerge with the maximum points over the period under consideration for the contest.

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How To Download Facebook Chat App To Samsung Android Phone

If you are interested in Facebook chat on your Samsung phone, all you need to do is to download Facebook Messenger to your Samsung Android phone. The Fb Messenger allows you to message a friend or start group conversations enabling you choose to include your location, share photos and more.

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How I Post Tweets from Twitter To Facebook Fan Page and Timeline

I now automatically post tweets from my Twitter account to my Facebook wall and my Facebook fan page without using any Facebook application.  This now enables me to share my content as widely as possible. In this tutorial, I am showing you how I linked my Twitter account to my Facebook personal profile and fan page.

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Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 Now Available in Nigeria

Spinlet, the mobile music download and streaming application company, has partnered with Samsung Electronics to launch the brand’s new Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 in Nigeria. The partnership allows for a ground-breaking opportunity for consumers to enjoy their favourite music on an advanced new android smart phone with TouchWiz UI multi-tasking and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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Codes for Airtel Internet Packages

Airtel Nigeria offers prepaid and postpaid internet bundles tailored to meet your needs irrespective of the device you are using to connect to the internet. The prepaid data bundle Offers: (a) mobile internet plans and (b) data, MiFi and router plans.

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How To Convert PDF Ebooks to Microsoft Word Documents

If you would like to convert a pdf file to Microsoft word document, you can get this done easily by using zamzar free online document conversion service. I use this alot to convert ebooks I have permission to edit, to microsoft documents.

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Introducing "Who I Go Ask?"

I am using this opportunity to introduce you to "Who I Go Ask?" . WhoIGoAsk.com is simply a question and answer website where you can ask questions and get your questions answered by the community. Instead of looking for answers to your questions in the search engines which might be inaccurate, just go to www.whoigoask.com, ask your question and get direct answers from experts.

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Free Ebook Download: 7 Steps To Making Money Online Fast!

Today, I am delighted to give you a Free Ebook that explains "7 Steps To making Money Online Fast". If you are looking for steps you should take to start making money online FAST, then, this ebook is for you, though the content of the ebook is the sole opinion and creation of the author.

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How I Convert Microsoft Excel xlsx Files To Xls Format of Excel 2003 at Zamzar.com

When I purchased my Samsung Solar netbook, I uninstalled the trial Microsoft office that came with it and installed the full version of Office 2003 onto the netbook. Last week Monday, a friend sent me an Excel document ending with .xlsx extension. It failed to open on my netbook, telling me "the file is not in a recognizable format". Instantly I googled for the cause and solution and I decided to share my findings with you today.

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bbmanimated.com: download Free BBM Animated Avatars

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you, myowndp.com, as a website where you can download free display pictures for your BB. Today, am delighted to inform you that you can now update your Blackberry Messenger(BBM) with the coolest and most engaging FREE ANIMATED avatar display pictures e.g a dancing avatar.

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How To Create a blogspot.com blog FREE

You can blog for free, if you open a free blog. There are lots of free blogging platforms out there but the one I recommend is Blogger, powered by Google. Blogger blogs end with ".blogspot.com", though the .blogspot.com part can be removed if you buy a custom domain for your blog. Today, I am explaining to you, how to open a free blogspot.com blog free of charge. This is a very good tutorial for you if you are interested in how to create a blog on blogspot.com.

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Wapday.com: download free themes, games, videos, wallpapers, animations to phones

At www.wapday.com, I download themes, mobile videos (including comedies), wallpapers, animations to my android, Nokia phone and Blackberry FREE of charge. New content including popular games are always added to the site, hence you can always get fresh content anytime you visit the site.

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How To Block Facebook Tags

Facebook tags can be so annoying atimes especially when you are been tagged in some useless pictures. There was a time my Facebook profile was bombarded with meaningless tags and I decided to hunt for a solution to the mess. Unfortunately, as at the time of publishing this post, you cannot block your Facebook friends from tagging you but there are ways you can block Facebook tags so that your friends won't be seeing them.

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MyOwnDp.com: Download BBM Display Pictures, Quotes

If you are a Blackberry user looking for a website where you can download free display pictures to communicate your status, mood and to express yourself, you should check out myowndp.com.

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How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger Settings

After you might have purchased your domain name here or somewhere else and configured the A and CName records to point to Google, you must add the custom domain to your blog via Blogger publishing settings before the .blosgpot address of your Blogger blog can start redirecting automatically to your new custom domain.

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How To Activate Airtel SIM On iPad Nigeria For Internet Browsing

If you want to use an Airtel Nigeria SIM card on your Apple 3G iPad, you will have to buy the Airtel micro SIM from an Airtel office, register the SIM and wait for it to be activated. Once activated, you can insert it into the iPad for you to start surfing the internet with your iPad but before that can be possible, you will have to configure your iPad with Airtel internet settings (Airtel APN settings).

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How I Use Picstory App to Combine Pictures on BlackBerry

If you own a Blackberry phone and interested in combining two or more pictures into one, you can easily get it done with the PictStory app downloadable for free from the Blackberry app world. You can use the Picstory app for blackberry to create stories with pics.

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How I Take Screenshots With Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Without Using APP

After setting up my new Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos Android phone, I decided to search Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace) for an app I can use in taking screenshots. Thought I could get something similar to the Screen Muncher app for Blackberry, unfortunately, I realized that most of the apps in Google Play will demand you root your Android phone before you can use them in taking screen captures. After some serious research, I stumbled on a solution that works for me and I decided to share it with you.

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How To Add Text To Pictures Online at Pixlr.com

You can add text to any photo online without using a software. I do this alot to add my blog address to some pictures I use in my blog post. This helps in creating more awareness for my blog, should in case some people use the image in their posts or some copycats copied my post without editing.

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How To Group Blog Posts into Labels (Categories)

Labels allow you to group your blog posts into categories. Labels are handy if you blog about a lot of different subjects, since readers can then choose to view all of your posts on, say, "Blogging Tips" at once. Or Adsense Tips, or Money-Making Tips, or whatever you happen to be writing about. Today, I am sharing with you how to categorize your blog posts i.e how to add/apply labels to your blog posts.

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How To Join Mavin League Social Network

In case you don't know, Music producer and CEO of Mavin records, Michael Collins Ajereh a.k.a Don Jazzy has launched his own social media network known as Mavin league aka Don Jazzy Social network.

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List of Content Not Allowed on Blogspot Blogs

If your blog is hosted at www.blogger.com or www.blogspot.com,  you must be aware of the fact that there are some boundaries on the type of content that you can post to your Blogger blog. If you fail to respect the guidelines, thereby violating Blogger's content policies, Blogger might delete your blog or disable access to your Google account.

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New Google Translate gadget allows blog visitors translate your blog into different languages

If you have readers from around the world reading your blog, they can now easily translate your blog to the language of their choice using the new Google Translate gadget for Blogger blogs.

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How To Activate Anonymous Comments in Blogger Blogs

One of the ways you can increase your blog comments is by allowing your readers to comment on your blog, anonymously i.e without having to include their names nor their web address in the comment form when commenting on your blog post. If you do not allow anonymous comments on your blog, some readers will never comment on your blog.

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Watch BBA Stargame Launch Show LiveStream Online

2012 Big Brother Stargame is here. This season's live stream gives fans a front row seat to all the explosive Live Launch action; from performances by Grammy Award nominee J. Cole and other smoking talent, to an exciting first glimpse of BBA Starmates, as they make their debut on the Big Brother live stage.

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8 Reasons Students Should Not be friends with their Teachers on Facebook

People are becoming Facebook friends with old classmates, long lost cousins and the neighbour across the street. Teens especially seem to have a tendency to add almost everyone to their friends list that asks. So, if one of their teachers should send them a friend request, they’re likely to accept it. If they randomly came across a teacher’s profile on Facebook, they might also send a friend request too, without thinking much about it. A teacher, however, should give the situation some consideration.

There are some very good reasons why a teacher should NOT be Facebook friends with their students.

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Fiverr.com Not Opening On Your PC? The Solutions

I have been making money online at fiverr.com for a while now but recently I noticed that the site no longer opens on my PC, though opens on my Blackberry. If you are facing similar problem, worry no more as am sharing with you in this post, how to fix the problem.

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How To Use Nigeria Voter's Card to Verify Google Adsense Account

Making money online with Google adsense is not that easy as every bloggers says it is, there are so many hassles, challenges and difficulties in it but as they come, we face them defeat them and stand up tall to write our experience in the history book. Today, I am sharing with you how I verified my Adsense account with my Voter's card right here in Nigeria after I coudn't receive the Adsense verification PIN.

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Reminder of Seminar on How To Make Money From Publishing Books

This is just to remind you that the seminar on "How To Write, Publish and Make Money As A Best-selling Author" will hold this weekend,  Saturday 5th May 2012 .

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Codes for Glo Mobile Internet Bundles

Glo Mobile Nigeria, offer cheap internet bundles tailored to suit usage on phones, tablets and computers. Even as low as N100, you can subscribe to Glo internet plan which offers you 10MB to browse the net for 24 hours. Today, I am sharing with you the subscription codes for the different Glo Internet bundles.

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How I inserted Google Adsense Link List ads at the end of my blog posts

As at the time of publishing this post, if you read any of my blog posts directly on my blog, www.ogbongeblog.com, you will notice Google Adsense Link List unit at the end of the post. In this post, I am sharing with you, how I did it.

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