How To Make MTN Free Weekend Calls

MTN Nigeria is currently giving out 100% of airtime recharge as FREE calls and SMS that you can use over the weekend to make calls and send SMS to other MTN numbers. The MTN FREE Weekend Call and SMS Bonanza allows prepaid customer on the MTN network, to enjoy FREE weekend calls and SMS anytime and every time they recharge with N200.00 airtime or more during the week.

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Sabunta.com: Buy Shoes, Shirts, Bags Online In Nigeria

If you are looking for where you can buy shoes, clothing and fashion accessories online and get them delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria, you can check out Sabunta.com.

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Top 7 Ways You Can Create Awareness and Get Huge Followership To Your Blog

This is a guest post compiled by Ahmed Ogundimu. 

All new and even existing bloggers want to get more and more attention to their blogs. If you are just getting started with blogging, you need this most because nobody will know your blog exists until you start to take some steps towards creating some level of publicity and awareness around the blog.

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How To Deactivate 2go Chat Account

Yesterday, one of my blog readers emailed me, asking me how he can delete his 2go account. I asked him why he wants to do that and he narrated his ordeal to me. He said, he forgot the password of his main 2go account and decided to open a new one. Unfortunately, it was after he opened the new account he was able to stumble on how to get 2go password. He followed the tutorial and he was able to retrieve the password of his main 2go account. This means he now has two 2go accounts. Been the busy type, he said he can't manage two 2go accounts, hence the need to delete/deactivate the new one. 

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All Your Posts Not Displaying on Your Blogger Homepage? The Solution

Do you have a Blogger/Blogspot blog and wondering why all your posts are not displaying on your homepage despite the fact that you have set  the maximum to display via the Blogger settings? Well, worry no more as I have decided to share some tricks with you that might help you fix the problem.

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Glo Flexi Reloaded: Get 40% Discount on Calls to Other Networks

According to a press release on Glo website, Glo Mobile Network has re-launched its dynamic tariff plan, Glo Flexi; to give subscribers on the Globacom network a discount of up to 40 percent on calls made to other networks in addition to the existing discount of up to 99 percent on Glo-to-Glo calls. This now makes it possible for Glo subscribers to enjoy massive available discounts no matter their location or the telecom network that they call.

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How To Get Etisalat Free 6 Month Free Internet Subscription

Etisalat has announced the launch of the new easyblaze promo to reward new Etisalat subscribers. New customers who purchase Etisalat USB modem or Etisalat Mi-fi personal hotspot will be rewarded with free bonus data at the end of every 30 days for a consecutive period of six months.

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How To Block Ads On Your Blog With Google Publisher Toolbar

If you are Google Adsense publisher, you can now easily block ads while viewing your website/blog in Chrome browser using a chrome extension; Google Publisher Toolbar. When you see an ad that isn’t suitable for your audience, you’ll be able to block it immediately without needing to navigate through your account or investigate which ad or URL to block.

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Download Scrabble Games for iPad

Playing games on the iPad is one of the things I love doing whenever I don't feel like blogging and chatting on Facebook. The Apple iPad battery is strong enough for you not to worry about the battery when playing games on it. I have loads of games on my iPad, some of which I shared with you when I published "Free iPad Games You Can Download From Apple Appstore". Today, am sharing with you the download links to the Free iPad scrabble games.

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NetworkedBlogs Panorama Lets You Read News on the Web, Pin Articles for reading later and Follow Individuals

NetworkedBlogs, the popular social platform that allows everyone to publish to Facebook, Twitter and get followers for free, is relaunching its homepage to focus around a new, panorama news reader that lets users read articles of their favorite blogs, pin articles for reading later, and follow individuals according to a post on Techcrunch.

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How I Stopped Yahoo Mail from Sending Spam Messages To My Contacts

This is a guest post compiled by Femiry. 

Recently, some of my close friends contacted me, complaining that they have been receiving spam messages from me. In fact, one of my friends logged into his email account in my presence and showed me the rubbish I have been sending to him. I was shocked. 

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Nairabet.com: Football Betting Site in Nigeria

If you are interested in making money from football betting predictions, you can get started at Nairabet.com. It is one of the football predicting sites highly recommended for Nigerians. Just like other football bookmakers, Nairabet pays you when you win and also keeps your money when you lose. You will always see the list of "today's football fixtures" which you can place your bet on, right on the site everyday.

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MyUS.com: Get U.S Address for Shopping at Amazon, Ebay and Ship To Nigeria

Today at BloggerLab, Akinbode Deji, shared a free report on how to shop securely from USA as a Nigerian. He decided to compile the report after several members of the group, including me asked him how he was able to buy his Apple Mac Pro at Ebay.com and received it here in Nigeria. 

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Glo Ramadan offer: Get Daily SMS Alert and Listen to Quranic citations, Duas

Globacom Nigeria has introduced Glo Ramadan Special Offer; a bouquet of VAS services mainly for the Muslim customers (prepaid and postpaid) on the Glo network. The Glo Ramadan special offer gives the Muslim faithful the opportunity to either subscribe to get daily SMS on Ramadan etiquettes & Hadiths or dial 77020 anytime, any day to listen to Quranic recitations, admonitions, Duas, praise songs etc

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How To Insert Adsense Ads INSIDE Blogger Posts ( Blogger/Blogspot)

UPDATE : Read the updated tutorial on how to add adsense inside posts here.

One of the best sections to display your Google Adsense ads is INSIDE your blog post. So far, the Adsense block in my blog posts is one of the most performing on my blog.  In this post, I am sharing with you, how to add Adsense ad INSIDE your blog post.

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GMail SMS: Send and Receive Your Emails as Text messages Without Internet Connection

Google has launched Gmail SMS, a free email solution which allows mobile phone users in Nigeria and Ghana and Kenya to send and receive emails without  internet connection. The service works on any phone including basic phones that only support voice and SMS.

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How To Upgrade All Blackberry Apps At Once

I am delighted to inform you that you can now update multiple Blackberry apps at once without having to do it one by one. This is now possible with the BlackBerry App World v3.1.4.25.

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Latest News In Nigeria Top Sources

You can now easily get breaking news in Nigeria as a result of the increase in which Nigerians are now making use of social media for sharing News in Nigeria and even rumors. I keep seeing new blogs everyday, claiming to be reliable sources of latest Nigeria News. In this post, am sharing with you some of the sources.

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Sites Like Meebo Messenger

If you are a user of meebo instant messenger, you may have heard the news recently that Google has acquired meebo. If you visit meebo.com, you will see the details there. The acquisition means you can no longer use meebo messenger, meebo me and meebo mobile apps though you can still download the meebo toolbar. In this post, I am sharing with you, meebo alternatives.

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7 Reasons Why Most Nigerian Bloggers Don't Make Money Online

It is no more news that for you to make real money online, the best advice you can get is to first get a blog or website. As a result of this, thousands of blogs keep been published everyday, yet over 80% of these blogs owned by Nigerians are not fetching them money as been expected.

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How To Create CName for Domain Names Bought from GoDaddy via Blogger

In some of my previous posts, I shared tutorials on how to edit CName record at Web4Africa.net and Syskay.com but Bloggers that have purchased their custom domain from GoDaddy.com via Blogger.com keep asking me how they can also do the same from their Google Apps dashbaord. Today, I decided to come up with the tutorial. Just follow the steps below carefully.

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How to Convert your Blog into an iPhone & Android App in just 5 Minutes!

Have you been looking for a way to turn your blog into an app so that smartphone users can easily have access to your blog? If yes, you should be glad that you can now create that in just 5 minutes. You don't need to be a web or mobile app programmer to do this.

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Sending Free SMS at Vconnect.com: The Steps

If you are looking for where you can send free sms online, well, you can try SMSConnect powered by Vconnect, a popular tele search & information service provider in Nigeria with over 250000 listed businesses. Through SMSconnect; you can send 20 Free SMS or Free Text messages daily.

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Download BBC Olympics App for Android, iOS and Blackberry

BBC has launched an Olympics app for  iOS (5.0 and above), Android (2.2 and newer)  and Blackberry devices. The free app allows you to watch up to 24 live streams of Olympics action and catch up with all the key highlights and medal moments, ensuring you never miss a moment of the 2012 London Olympics Games.

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Kasuwa.com: Nigeria Online Shopping Website For Phones, Tablets, Computers, Books etc

You can now buy books, electronics (including iPod and mp3 players), computers, tablets, mobile phones and home appliances online in Nigeria and even pay on delivery. This is possible at the Nigerian shopping site, Kasuwa.com.

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How To Create Mobstac CNAME Setting for Domain Names Registered at Syskay.com

Recently, many bloggers who have registered their domain names at www.syskay.com keep contacting me, asking me how they can access their DNS settings. Unfortunately, Syskay.com, as at the time of publishing this post, does not offer DNS Management. Hence, you will not be able to personally enter "CNAME" and "A-records" for your registered domain name(s) at the site. This is a great limitation especially to Syskay.com clients who want to personally create custom domain name for their blogspot blogs and also to those who want to create CNAME for their mobstac sites.

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5 Factors for Recovering Your Search Engine Rankings after Suspension

This is a guest post compiled by Olawale Daniel. 

As you all know, ranking well on Google search engine requires much work from your side; you need to write great contents, you need to provide your users great experience in your copy, you need to make sure that your post is of high value to everyone that come visiting the web page, you need to share your posts with social media friends for engagement; anything lesser than this won’t help you at all! but with all these things being put in place, some websites were still ranking poorly on search engine pages due to one or two things that’s unknown to the site webmaster.

In this post I shall be talking on these things in order to help your blog get back to its actual position and reclaim your position for better search engine positioning.

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Konga.com: Buy Baby, Beauty and Personal Care Products Online in Nigeria

You can now buy baby, beauty and personal care products through the internet and phone in Nigeria and get your orders delivered to your doorstep. This is possible if you shop at Konga.com.

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Mobstac Not Redirecting Your Blog To Mobile View? The Solution

If you are using mobstac to power the mobile version of your Blogger blog, you will have to add the mobstac redirection code in the head section of your blog's html before your blog can be redirecting automatically to your mobstac site when viewed on mobile devices.

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Glo Infinito Not Working? The Reasons

As at the time of publishing this post, you can no longer migrate to Glo Infinito Special and Glo Infinito Social. Globacom Nigerian has retired both tariff plans. Glo Infinito Special which allows you to call ONE special number at 2k per seconds was replaced with Glo GBAM before Glo Gista was launched.

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How To Add Facebook Comment Form To Mobstac Blog

As at the time of publishing this tutorial, If your blog is a Blogger blog and you are using Mobstac to power the mobile version of your blog, anyone who reads your blog post via their mobile devices will not see the Blogger comment form. Hence, they will not be able to comment on your posts. You know, this doesn't make sense. But, guess what? You can easily add the Facebook comment form to your Mobstac-powered blog if you are already using Facebook comments on your blog/website.

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How To Use Liberty Reserve To Buy Goods Online

If you have some funds in your Liberty Reserve account and wondering if you can use it to buy goods online e.g electronics, phones etc, YES, you can if you know a reliable online store that will be willing to accept your Liberty Reserve funds, in exchange for their products. Such sites will have a shopping cart for you to easily carry out your transactions.

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Introducing "Ogbonge Template": Free Blogger Template Compatible With Template Designer

I am delighted to inform you about my first Blogger Template which I am willing to give out to Blogger users FREE of Charge. The template is one of the default Blogger templates which has been modified by me into what I think will suit your need.

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How To Add Addynamo Code To Mobstac Blog

If you operate a website or blog, whose mobile version is powered by Mobstac, you can also start making money with your blog through Addynamo Pay Per Click advertising program; a program that works similarly to Google Adsense.

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Invitation To Millionaires Expo : Multiple Streams Of Income Seminar

I am using this opportunity to invite you to the MILLIONAIRES EXPO, a ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME coming up by God's grace on 7th of July at Sunshine Guest house(Anex), by Airtel Office, Ebeano Estate, New Haven, Enugu State, Nigeria. 10am prompt.

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Glo 3G HSI Router Lets You Share Internet Connection Between Multiple Users

If you are interested in sharing your Glo High Speed Internet access with more than one computer, you can now easily get this done by using the Glo HSI Router. The 3G Router enables multiple users to share a single Glo HSI connection over WiFi (and Ethernet). Customers can connect Laptops, Netbooks, iPads, PSP, PDAs, Smart phones, and all other Wi-Fi enabled devices. 

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