MTN Smooth Talk Migration Code

If you would like to migrate to the new MTN Smooth talk tariff plan from any plan including the MTN Family and Friends, simply text 401 to 131 or dial the MTN Smooth Talk code: *401#. NGN5.00 will immediately be deducted from your account and you can now start enjoying 20kobo/sec  for your MTN2MTN calls and  20kobo/sec  for your MTN2Other calls.

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Download Wi-Free VPN Software

If you are looking for an easier way to access the internet, you can give Wi-Free software a try. With the help of Wi-Free, it is not necessary to use standard protocols (such as TCP/IP), to get access to the Internet. It gives you freedom!. It basically makes wi-fi access free and gives ability to use Internet in full!

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Promo: Activate New GLO SIM card, Get N400 Bonus Airtime

GLOBACOM Nigeria has launched a new promo which rewards new customers with N400 bonus after spending N100 to buy a loaded Glo SIM card.

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How To Pick Winners of Blog Contests Using Random.org Integer Generator

Many bloggers are now using blog contests in promoting their blogs. If you need some free traffic to your blog, you can also start organizing blog contests. You don't need to break the bank to run a successful contest and you can pick winners without stress. The first time I held a contest, I used rafflecopter in chosing the winner but I have discovered an easier way of picking winners of my contests.

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How I Convert .caf Files To mp3 for FREE

If you are using Quickvoice app for voice recording on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, the Quickvoice recordings will appear as .caf files after you might have imported the Quickvoice files to your computer from your iPad/iPhone/iPod. You will be unable to play the recordings on your PC if you do not have a media player that supports the .caf files. Hence, the need for an audio converter which you can use in converting .caf files to mp3 files.

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Price of Nokia Asha 305 in Nigeria

Nokia Asha 305, one of the newly created Asha Touch family of handsets which allows you to two change SIM cards without turning off your phone is now available in Nigeria.

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Download Yahoo Axis Browser for Desktop, iPhone and iPad

A new browser plugin for desktop computers as well as an iOS browser called Axis has been introduced by Yahoo. Though, Yahoo! markets it as a “search browser”, but it is basically a plugin to visually display search results served by the search engine and not meant to be a replacement for Chrome, Firefox or Internet explorer on desktop computers.

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How I Download PDF Files to iPad

One of the reasons why I so much love my iPad is the ease with which it allows me to download and read pdf files even when am in bed. If you own an Apple iPad but don't know how you can download pdf ebooks from the internet (via emails or websites) directly to your iPad, this tutorial is for you.

I will assume you have the pdf file you want to download in your email inbox or you have the download link of the pdf file handy.

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How To Post YouTube Videos On New Nairaland

I created a short video tutorial on how to add custom domain to Blogger blog, uploaded it to YouTube.com and decided to share it on Nairaland.com. While trying to insert the Youtube video in my post on Nairaland, I realised that the "insert flash" icon is no where to be found on the new Nairaland.

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Trusted Adobe Tutorials for Designing Beginners

This is a guest post compiled by Natalie Bracco. 

Today's graphic designers rely on Adobe Photoshop and a handful of other programs. Without access to reliable Photoshop tutorials, chances are that you will quickly fall behind other professionals in your industry. It takes more than just finding a couple tutorials. To stay at the top of your game, find communities and websites that can give you access to the latest, best tutorials that will help you keep up with the latest trends.

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Why Whatsapp is Not Working on Nokia Asha 202

I bought the Nokia Asha 202 last month and up till this morning, I have not been able to successfuly download Whatsapp Chat Messenger to the dual SIM s40 Nokia phone.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S Duos : Latest Android Phone That Supports Two SIM cards

Samsung has released a new addition to the company’s Galaxy smartphone lineup: the Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562. The dual SIM Android smartphone may look like a more compact Samsung Galaxy S III, but as its name suggests its specs are close to that of the original Galaxy S (even a bit inferior).

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How I Create Contact Form For Blogger Using Google Drive Forms

After you might have created your blog and have written some posts on the blog, you might consider putting a contact form on the blog. If you have a contact form on your blog, you will be able to receive feedback from your blog visitors without having to expose your email address to spammers.

Most bloggers using the Blogger platform have been using Kontactr.com to create contact forms for their blog for years now but I have discovered an alternative which involves the use of forms that can be created via Google Drive.

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Download Bloggers Guide to HTML (Free Ebook)

I just stumbled on a Bloggers Guide to HTML and I have decided to share it with you. The free HTML Ebook explains how to use basic HTML tags in formatting your blog posts.

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25 Free Video Tutorials; Learn web design (Html/CSS, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)

If you really want to learn web design, then, you have to lay your hands on some videos tutorials to get started. Reading ebooks alone won't get you there. There are lot of video series that can set you on the right path.

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Mail2Blogger Lets You Post To Your Blog by Sending Emails

If your blog is hosted on Blogger, you can be posting to your blog by just sending emails if you enable Mail2Blogger in your Blogger dashboard. The Mail-to-Blogger feature turns any email account into a blog-posting application.

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MTN WOW Promo Doubles Airtime You Recharge

Recently, I shared with you how to win an aeroplane from MTN in the ongoing MTN Wonder Promo. Today, I am sharing with you, the latest MTN promo which gives you 100% bonus airtime for free weekend calls.

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Happy Eid-Mubarak To Muslims

Fellow muslims all over the world celebrate the end of the Ramadhan today. I am using this opportunity to wish you happy celebration.

I pray Allah accents the fasting as an act of Ibadah.

eid mubarak picture
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Happy Eid-l-fitr and Happy Holiday!

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How To Transfer Money from GTB Savings Account to GTB Current Account Online

Lately, I have not been able to transfer money using GTB Internet banking platform from my account to other GTB accounts as a result of a security upgrade which is yet to be fixed as at the time of publishing this post.

Despite the upgrade, it's been stated on GTB website that one can transfer funds from a GTB current account to any 3rd party account without any problem. Hence, I opted to open a new GTB current account.

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How To Disable Etisalat BIS

If you are subscribed to Etisalat Blackberry Internet service, your BIS will automatically be renewed once it expires provided you have enough airtime on your Etisalat SIM card. If you want to stop Etisalat from automatically deducting your airtime for BIS, you will have to dial the code for deactivating Etisalat BIS.

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JUMIA.com.ng Launches in Nigeria

According to a pre-press release mailed to me today, Nigeria’s Number 1 online retailer, Kasuwa.com is rebranding and repositioning itself to be the largest online retailer in Africa, JUMIA.com. It will begin operating under the new trade name, JUMIA, effective immediately.

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How To Register For Gulder Ultimate Search 9 (2012)

Gulder Ultimate Search 2012 (Season 9), Nigeria’s first 100 % locally produced reality TV show,gets set to commence. This year, the hallowed jungle awaits brave and daring young men and women, courageous enough to attempt to unearth the long lost fortune, hidden centuries ago by a wise Gatekeeper- a true hero of old. It is a contest that will test Gulder Ultimate search contestants’ endurance, strength, courage and mental alertness.

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How To Add Extra Widgets To Any Section of Blogger Layout

There will be cases where you might want to add extra widget to a section of your Blogger/Blogspot blog but you will not be able to find the "Add a gadget" link at that section of your blog. Well, with some simple tweak, you can easily fix this. This comes very handy especially when you want to add extra widgets e.g ad banners, Facebook Like box etc to your Blog Posts column.

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UBA Africard: Naira Visa Prepaid Card For Online Payments

This is a guest post compiled by Ibidapo Fabinu. 

With the help of "Facebook ads" and "Google Adwords", you can easily advertise your products and services to your target audience. While hunting for a way to pay for Facebook Ads, I tried GTB Naira Mastercard but Facebook declined it despite the fact that I have even activated the card with the GTBank Token. While sourcing for alternative card I can use to pay for the Facebook ads, I came across UBA AfriCard which worked perfectly for me.

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How To Make Blog Post Automatically Appear On Facebook and Twitter

Apart from organic traffic from search engine optimization, you can also be getting free traffic from social networking sites. There are loads of them out there but personally, as at the time of publishing this, I devote more time to Facebook and Twitter.

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Check WAEC 2012 Results and Analysis

The 2012 WAEC/SSCE (MAY/JUNE, 2012) exam results have been released by the West African Examination Council. 1,672,224 candidates, comprising 923,974 males and 748,250 females sat for the examination according to the stats released by the Head of National Office of WAEC, Dr Iyi Uwadiae, who briefed newsmen on the results.

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Why an Anti Virus is Essential for Your Android

This is a guest post compiled by Lucille J Cronk. 

Most people feel that a virus attack on Android is not that big a threat. Well, the biggest threat comes into action when your android phone is attacked by infected applications. The infected applications can either retrieve information from your Android phone, or disable the phone completely.

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How To Win Airplane in MTN Ultimate Wonder Promo

MTN Nigeria has rolled out a new promo; MTN Ultimate Wonder, in which the company is willing to give out 1 Airplane as the grand prize, though the lucky winner can opt for cash equivalent of the Airplane.

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Follow Ogbongeblog and Jide Ogunsanya on Twitter


I am using this opportunity to officially inform you about my personal and OgbongeBlog's Twitter handles.

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Promo: Buy Nokia 808 Pureview for just N41,000 instead of N100,000 Actual Price in Nigeria

I am delighted to inform you that Nokia is running a promo in which 41 loyal customers will get 50% discount on the Nokia 808 Pureview phone.

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How To Insert Google Webmaster Tools Verification Code into Blogger/Blogspot Blogs

Because privacy is important to Google, the search engine needs to know you own a site before it show you certain information about it or enable you to use it's tools. Verification doesn't affect PageRank or affect your site's performance in Google's search results though it is a very important step to take after creating a blog.

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How To Activate Airtel Quick Talk Package

Recently, Airtel Nigeria unveiled the "Quick Talk Package"; an innovative package aimed at driving home its resolve to consistently delight Nigerians with innovative telecommunication offerings that make sense and bring affordability to the masses that would benefit greatly from the offer.

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How Facebook, Smartphones And Television Distract Office Employees

This is a guest post compiled by Jackson Nwachukwu. 

After a careful study of things which may likely distract people in their offices or workspace, I came to an understanding that amongst many, there are three which keeps people off balance while working. They are: Facebook, Smartphones and Television.

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Twilk Lets You Customize Your Twitter Background With Friends Avatars

One of the ways you can create a custom background for your Twitter account is by using your friend's avatars as your background in such a way that the more you mention them in your tweets, the more they appear in a place of prominence on your profile. As at the time of posting this, you can see it in action at: www.twitter.com/jide_ogunsanya 

So, how do I get started?

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How To Open AdDynamo Naira Account

It is no more news that Addynamo is one of the alternatives to Google Adsense especially for those that have been banned by Google or those who Google has disabled ad serving to their blog. I have used Addynamo for some weeks now on the mobile version of my blog, m.ogbongeblog.com and have been able to make some money out of it. In fact, am expecting to receive my first payment this week.

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4 Reasons You Didn't Get The Job

With the rate of unemployment increasing in Nigeria, you may find yourself in the position of applying, going for interviews and still remaining jobless. You may have left the office smiling and joking with the interviewer, thinking the job is all yours. So why was someone else hired and you were not? These four reasons may shed some light on the situation.

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