Where To Repair Samsung Android Phones in Nigeria

At a Samsung Service Centre,  you can get your Samsung related complaints resolved, buy Samsung products and even get your Samsung phones repaired by Samsung technicians.

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5 Reasons Why I Still Prefer iPhone 5 Over Samsung Galaxy S3

This is a guest post compiled by Derek. 

Although the iPhone 5 didn't come out with mad features as I had expected, I still prefer it to the much decorated and popular Samsung Galaxy s3. I love the iOS but I’m not going to base my reasons out of my love for the iOS; just facts. The reasons in the post are simply reflecting me and nothing else.

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Naked Domain of Your Blogger Custom Domain Not Redirecting to "www"? The Solution

Blogger has acknowledged that the option to have a naked domain redirect to 'www' is currently not functional for some Blogger users as at the time of publishing this post. Blogger stated in a post on Known Issues for Blogger, that they are are working on a fix and hope to have it resolved shortly.

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New Blogger Custom Domain and CNAME Setup Guide

A client paid me today to set up a custom domain for his Blogger blog. I registered the domain name, created the normal CNAME (ghs.google.com) and created four separate A-records which point to four different Google IPs. (;; and After I confirmed that the DNS servers have been updated, I decided to add the custom domain to the blog's settings but to my surprise, the settings FAILED to save.

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Nokia Asha 308 and 309 Price in Nigeria

Nokia has announced Nokia Asha 308 and Nokia Asha 309 as additions to the family of Asha Touch smartphones. With the Asha 308 and Asha 309 slotted neatly into the middle of the family, Nokia claims there is now an Asha Touch to suit everyone’s preferences and budget.

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MTN Nano SIM Card for iPhone5: Picture, Price and Where to buy it in Nigeria

The iPhone 5 uses the Nano SIM card, which is smaller than the Micro SIM and SIM cards found in the iPhone 4S and other phones. This means you will have to cut your microSIM card or your normal SIM card for you to be able to use them on iPhone 5. Don't want to cut your SIM cards? Well, you can buy a Nano SIM card for your iPhone 5.

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Glo Made for Life Promo : Win Buses, Taxis and Cash by Recharging N200 and above

In line with being the network that gives the best value for money in the industry, Globacom Nigeria has launched the Made for Life “Be Your own Boss” Promotion which kicked off yesterday Monday 24th September.

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FeedBurner Subscriber's Count Showing 0? The Solution

A friend contacted me this morning, complaining that her blog's feed is not displaying her blog's latest post. While trying to find out what might be the cause, I was surprised to see zero been displayed as the number of her blog's subscribers via her feedburner account.

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GMail Search Terms You Should Know and Use

Some months back, I was looking for some old unread messages in my GMail account but it was difficult for me to keep clicking on next so as to get to where the messages were. After struggling with this for a while, I realized that I could use a short cut to get to the emails I was looking for.

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Nigerian Blog Awards 2012: How To Nominate OgbongeBlog

In 2011, OgbongeBlog, emerged  the winner of the "Best Science and Technology Blog". Well , am delighted to inform you that the Nigerian Blog Awards is here again. Nominations are now open for the Nigerian Blog Awards 2012 and I need you to nominate my blog for the awards..because it's like a Grammy for Nigerian Bloggers...Yes, I mean it.  Don't worry, your vote counts.

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GSMJava.net: Download Mobile Games, Apps, Logos to Phones

At www.gsmjava.net, you can get unlimited free downloads for your mobile phone. The free downloads include Screensavers, Nokia themes, mobile softwares, ringtones, logos etc. Just like Sefan.ru, you can also download free mobile games from the site.

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Glo Promo: Get 500% Bonus AirTime on Usage

Globacom Nigeria has launched a new promo primarily targeted at increasing usage from existing Glo subscribers and keeping them active on the GLO Network. The promo allows all new and existing Glo subscribers get 500% Bonus Airtime on achievement of their daily usage target.

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How To Get and Add AdDynamo Codes To Blogger Blogs

AdDynamo is a pay per click program which is a good alternative to Google Adsense. You can easily monetize your blog with AdDynamo and get paid in your local currency. I have monetized the mobstac-powered mobile version of my blog and I have received my first Addynamo earnings which was deposited directly into my Nigerian bank account.

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Etisalat EasyLife 3.0 Migration Codes

Sometime in 2011, Etisalat Nigeria introduced the EasyLife 2.0 plan, which allows Etisalat subscribers to call anyone, anytime on any network in Nigeria and even on international call level i.e. US and UK at 20k/sec, with a daily access fee of N20. Moving forward, the plan been has been upgraded to Etisalat EasyLife 3.0

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What To Do When Your iPad Does Not Turn On

This is a guest post compiled by Segun Adekoye. 

Recently I had a shocking experience with my iPad and thought I should share it with you and how I was able to navigate through the situation to find a solution.

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"Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled" Blogger Error and Solution

UPDATE: The problem has been resolved. You can read more here

A friend contacted me yesterday complaining to me that the custom domain he wanted to map to his blogspot domain keeps displaying "404 error" page even after adding the custom domain to his blog via Blogger settings.

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iPhone 5 Price in Nigeria

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 5 in a big apple event held on September 12, 2012, putting an end to all rumors. The latest Apple smartphone that has been reported to be 20 percent lighter than iPhone 4S, features a 8 megapixel iSight camera, a taller screen (4-inch Retina display) and supports ultrafast wireless standards including LTE and DC-HSDPA.

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"Innocence of Muslims" Video on YouTube

"Innocence of Muslims" is the anti-Muslim film that originated from the United States, portraying Mohammad as a womanizer, a homosexual and a child abuser. It has provoked violent protests across the Muslim world.

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Want To Add Facebook Recommendation Bar To Blogger/Blogspot Blog?

While reading articles on some blogs, you might have noticed a Facebook recommendation bar docked to the lower right (or left) of the screen which expands as you scroll down the page or after you might have finished reading the blog post. This Facebook social plugin was designed to show you a social recommendation of the next article to read on such blogs.

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PostCron: Alternative to Ping.fm and Seesmic that Allows You Schedule Posts to Facebook Profile, Pages and Twitter

In one of my reviews, I informed you that at Ping.fm, you can post at once to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Friendfeed etc Well, as at the time of publishing this post, you can no longer enjoy the free services because it was acquired by Seesmic, which also has been acquired by HootSuite. Though  HootSuite offers a suite of social media management tools like Seesmic, I still find it extremely complex to use. Hence, the search for a simple alternative.

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TimeLineRemove AddON Deactivates Facebook TimeLine on Firefox and Chrome Browsers

It is no more news that once you switch over to the new Facebook Timeline, you cannot return to the old classic look. Well, if you are one of those that have been searching the web for how to return to the old profile after activating the new FB Timeline, I have a quick fix to share with you which worked for me today.

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Want To Verify Twitter Account?

If you've seen a Twitter account with a blue verified badge  on the profile, that means it is a verified account. If your Twitter account is verified, it will go a long way in convincing the public that you are truely whom you claim to be. This will really help in avoiding identity confusion or impersonation especially if you are a celebrity.

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AdDynamo Pays Directly into My Nigeria Bank Account

I can now list AdDynamo program as one of the ways I make money online. I received my first Addynamo payment today directly into my bank account here in Nigeria, while still awaiting my Google adsense check to be delivered to my doorstep by DHL.

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Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE: Android Touchscreen + QWERTY Phone With Front and Back Camera

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE is a LTE supported global roaming smartphone with Android rooting. It comes in side-sliding with QWERTY keyboard. An Android 4.0.4 splash proof phone with a big display and lots of RAM, this device is sure to capture a user’s attention in the first instance. The phone comes with a killer keyboard, fast processor, 4G LTE network and a bright colorful screen. For someone who would do anything to get a full keyboard totting device, then this phone will do the job.

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BuySellAds.com Lets You Buy and Sell Direct Ads on Your Blog

After you might have created your blog, published some posts and submitted it to search engines, you will probably be thinking of how to make money from your blog. Basically, most bloggers start monetizing their blog with Google Adsense. If Adsense declines your application or you get banned, it is most likely you will consider the alternatives to Google Adsense or sell direct ads on your blog. You can manage direct ads by yourself or use ad networks.

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How To Find Mail From or To a Specific Person in GMail

Last month, I purchased an eBook on "How To Open and Verify US Paypal account in Nigeria" from a Nigerian info marketer. This eBook is password-protected and the password was mailed alongside with the eBook.  Everytime I need to access the eBook, I find myself always going back to my GMail to search for that specific mail containing the password.

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