How I Use Blackberry AutoText To Add Smileys,Emoticons To SMS Messages and BBM Chat

You've bought a Blackberry phone; chat with some friends on BBM; noticed some smileys, fancy characters, flags etc in their messages and wondering how they managed to do all that? Well, there is no magic in it. You can use the "sym" button on your BB keypad, the Fancy characters app for BB or create custom BB AutoText. Today, I am sharing with you how to use Autotext on Blackberry phones.

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How To Give Out Glo Data Plans As Gifts Via HSI Portal

Yesterday, I shared with you how to share Glo Internet Subscriptions with other Glo SIMs WITHOUT Networking. In addition to this, Globacom Nigeria now makes it possible for all HSI customers to send gift subscriptions right from the Glo HSI portal. You can now send any of the glo data plans as gifts to any glo internet subscriber.

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How I Add Smileys, Emoticons to Facebook Chat and Comments Without Applications

You can now add smileys and other emoticons to Facebook chats without using any Facebook application or third-party software. Though, users and Facebook page admins can also use them in Facebook comments, the emoticons do not work in status updates or other posts as at the time of publishing this post.

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OLX.com: Classifieds Website Like CraigList That Lets You Post Ads For Free

If you are looking for a free online classifieds website that allows ad posting for you to sell items for free online, as well as search for cars or just about anything else, then you need to check out OLX website. If you are familiar with Craiglist.com , OLX is very similar to it, maybe even a few strides further.

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OFFER CLOSED.....links removed

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Hi Friend,

Guess you are doing great today. The Muslims Sallah festive season is here. Are you ready to take an advantage of the festive season to get a SUPERB offer that will never be found anywhere else again?

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How To Change MTN Share and Sell PIN

You want to activate MTN Share 'n' Sell but don't know how to change the default "0000" PIN?  Not comfortable with your current PIN and feeling like changing it to something that will be more secured? No matter what the case may be, MTN Nigeria allows you to change your Share and Sell PIN for free.

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Curve 7 (Blackberry 9320) Price in Nigeria

Need a cheap Blackberry phone that has a strong battery, has FM radio, allows you to create WiFi hotspots and also lets you read pdf files for free?  Then, you can consider buying the Blackberry Curve 7.

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Maga No Dey Pay!

In July 2010, I started Make Money Online Nigeria to teach Nigerians how to legitimately make real money online, create online business and create wealth  BUT several months after, many Nigerians still think the best way to make money online is to find so many people to dupe or defraud.

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Generate Feed Address for Blogspot Blogs, Labels and Comments

Trying to do something online and you are asked to provide the feed url of your Blogspot blog? Want to use the Blogspot Feed Gadget to create "recent comments", "recent posts" or a sidebar widget that can display the recent posts of each label(category) of your blog? Whatever the case may be, this post will be helpful.

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iPad Mini Price in Nigeria + Pictures

Apple has announced the 7.9-inch iPad mini, bringing to an end, the rumors which have been around for ages. Apps designed to work on the original iPad work out of the box on the new iPad mini as it retains much of the charm of its larger sibling but feels almost weightless when compared to its predecessors according to an hands-on review at Techcrunch.

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Weather9ja.com: Get Local Weather Forecast and Reports in Nigeria

Want to know if it is going to rain tomorrow at your location or anywhere in Nigeria? Well, you can now have an idea of weather conditions of your current city or any of the 36 states in the country on your computer or mobile device.

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Subscribe to OgbongeBlog Money Making Tips

You will agree with me that OgbongeBlog is loaded with different tutorials on blogging, mobile devices, mobile internet, social media and money making ideas. As a reader, you might not be interested in all these categories. Going forward, I am giving you the opportunity to subscribe ONLY to the money making tips I share on this blog.

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NetMediaBlog.com – Blog Review

Today, I am introducing to you, NetMediaBlog.com; another Nigerian blog where you can be getting tech-related tutorials. The blog is owned by Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond, a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from Abia State University, Nigeria. His love for computer and internet inspired him to start this blog.

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MTN Nigeria Internet Settings for iPad, iPhone, Android, BB and Nokia

If you have an internet-ready device, be it Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, iPad,  java phone, Android device etc, you can connect it to the internet with MTN Nigeria SIM card provided there is at least, MTN gprs coverage in your location.

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Nigerian Blog Awards 2012: OgbongeBlog Bags 3 Nominations

The list of the nominees for the 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards has been released. Guess what?

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Microsoft Surface Price in Nigeria

Microsoft has announced the pricing for Surface; the Microsoft tablet which blurs the line between tablets and ultrabooks and as expected, it's priced aggressively to compete with the Apple iPad.

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Deal: Trip To Ghana For Three Nights and Four Days in Two Cities

OJK Wildlife Ltd in partnership with DealDey Nigeria, has decided to give you an opportunity to enjoy all inclusive holiday to Ghana with return tickets. For N165,000 instead of N210,000, you can fly to Ghana, and spend three nights and Four days in two cities.

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The Dangers of Cell Phone On Your Health And How to Overcome It

This is a guest post compiled by Anthony Adeokun

To everything that has a positive side, there is always the other side of it, so also is the uses of cell phone. We all know that cell phone has so many advantages, and so many of us cannot do without it as part of our daily lifestyle but have you come to think of what can be the adverse effect of using a cell phone as far as your health is concern?

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Download PinShare App for BB: Meet Boys/Girls For BBM Chat

Recently, I shared a Facebook page where you can share and get free bbm pins of boys and girls willing to meet new people for bbm chat. Today, am sharing with you "PinShare for BBM"; a free blackberry application which lets you meet and connect with people in one convenient and easy-to-use place.

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Blogger Pages Tabs Linking To External web Address Not Working? The Solution

While scanning through my Blogger blog to see if something is broken, I noticed that the Pages tabs linking to external web addresses are not working. If I click the tabs, nothing happens and if I right-click to open their links in new windows, they lead to dead links.

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OgbongeBlog Hits 10,000+ Verified Subscribers

I am delighted to inform you that OgbongeBlog.com now has over 10, 000 verified subscribers according to the stats obtained from my Feedburner account this afternoon.

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Code For Checking GTBank Account Balance With SMS and USSD

While scanning the latest gists on Nairaland fronpage, I stumbled on a thread that explains steps in checking GTbank account balance via SMS. I followed the steps and I was able to get my GTbank account balance on my phone without internet access. Hence, I decided to share the info with you.

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How To Join Glo Soccer Academy

Globacom Nigeria recently in Lagos Nigeria, unveiled the Glo Soccer Academy; a TV Reality show tagged The Dream Team. The Concept of the Glo Football Academy is to provide a once-in- a-lifetime opportunity for young talented footballers to kick-start their career in professional football; and to offer viewers at home the opportunity to participate in the process of selection and elimination.

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Where to Buy iPad 3 in Nigeria

As at the time of publishing this post, there is no Apple store in Lagos, Nigeria that is officially listed on Apple website. Hence, you don't have to disturb yourself searching the internet for the addresses of Apple Stores in Nigeria. Nevertheless, if you are interested in where you can buy iPad 3 in Nigeria, I have some suggestions for you.

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BellaNaija.com: Get Naija Wedding Pictures and Celebrity News

If you are looking for a website or blog where you can get hot news in Nigeria, latest Nigerian celebrity news and wedding pictures of Nigerians, then you need to check out www.bellanaija.com.

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What is MTN Mobile Newspaper?

Have you been receiving customized text messages from MTN Nigeria, persuading you to subscribe to MTN Mobile Newspaper and wondering what it is all about?

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Cheap Mini-Computer For Sale in Nigeria (Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook)

My friend, Udegbunam Chukwudi of StrictlyOnlineBiz.com is offering his fairly used Samsung NC215S Solar Netbook for sale. He bought the Samsung NC215S from Gafunk Nigeria Ltd (the same place I bought my Samsung Solar netbook) in February 2012 for N68,000 and he is ready to sell it off for N45,000 only.

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How To Add 'Blog' tab to Facebook Pages Showing Latest Posts

If you check the timeline of the Facebook Page of Ogbongeblog, you will notice a "blog updates" tab, which if you click on it, you will see the latest posts of OgbongeBlog been displayed. If you use Facebook ads to promote your blog, you can set up something similar for your Facebook page so you can use it as the landing page for your ad, thereby enabling you to get "Facebook Likes" + traffic to your blog posts.

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How To Update Nokia Software Using PC Suite (Video Tutorial)

Updating your Nokia phone might become necessary if you want your Nokia phone to always be up to date with new and improved functions as well as the latest versions of Nokia apps and services. If you are having problem with your phone, updating the firmware might also fix the problem.

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Prices of Nokia Lumia 900, 800 and 710 in Nigeria

Nokia Lumia phones are now officially available in Nigeria, according to a post on Nokia's Facebook Page. So, if you are interested in buying the Lumia phones, you can now now buy them at ALL top phone retail outlets in Nigeria.

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Will BlackBerry 10 Revive RIM's Fortunes?

This is a guest post compiled by Simon Drew. 

BlackBerry was once one of the most promising phone brands but in the past few years has seen dwindling sales as people move towards Android and the iPhone. Part of RIMs problem has been a failure to adapt to a changing market and ignoring current trends. The company recently reported a net loss financially and is pinning all of its hopes of a revival on a new generation of phones with a redesigned operating system.

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NECO Result 2012 Checker

The 2012/2013 June/July NECO result is out. The NECO registrar was quoted to have said that 49.3 percent of the 1,087.627 that sat for English Language passed at credit level while 5O.4 percent of 1,088,530 that sat for Mathematics obtained credit and above.

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GloMobileSchool: Receive 5 Past Questions Test Daily via SMS

Glo has launched an interactive SMS educational platform that inspires students to learn and conduct their own learning outside of the framework of traditional classes. Glo Mobile School is unique and simple targeted towards high school age groups and those willing to refresh their minds.

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How I use Sugarsync for Blackberry To Transfer Photos from BB to my Computer and iPad

In a review of SugarSync, I recommended it as an app you can use to access, sync and share your files across all your computers and mobile devices. The app has really been helpful to me in transferring the photos on my iPad and Blackberry across all my devices. Today, I am sharing with you how I use the SugarSync app for Blackberry in syncing photos on my BB to my Computer and iPad without Bluetooth and cables.

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Download SugarSync: Access, Sync, Backup and Share Your Files From Any Device

Have you ever been away from home or the office and realized you need a file that is on your computer? Have you ever experienced a situation when you will be working on a project on your computer and realized you need a picture that is on your mobile device? Well, you can now have ALL of your data on ALL of your computers right at your fingertips....anytime, anywhere from your computers and mobile devices.

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