How Can I Crack Glo Bolt Modem To Universal Modem?

Right from the day I published the features and price of Glo Bolt modem, I keep receiving emails and text messages from some of my blog readers, asking me how to unlock the Glo Bolt modem, for them to be able to use any SIM card of any network with it.

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Add Google+ Followers Gadget To Blogspot Blogs and Grow Your Audience

Readers of your Blogger blog can now easily add your Google+ page or profile to their circles and even see the profile images of other followers right on your blog, if you add the new Google+ Followers gadget to your Blogspot blog.

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Copyright Facts Bloggers Must Know

This is a guest post compiled by Jamie Cody. 

Many people who start writing blogs do so to have a platform to share their own ideas about the world, to educate others, or to serve as a means to promote their own products and services. Unfortunately, many bloggers are not familiar with the ins and outs of copyright laws.

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How URL Channel Lets Me Track Adsense Performance of My Sites, Blog Posts and Categories

A URL channel is a customized Google Adsense reporting option that lets you track the performance of a specific page or domain. If you want to know the the Cost per Click, the number of clicks generated from a particular blog post on a particular date, you can achieve this by using URL channel instead of Google Adsense custom channel.

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Glo Bolt: Modem Price, New Data Volume and Features

2016 Update : Price of Glo modem is either N4,000 and N6,000 depending on speed. The Glo wifi wiggle modem costs N9,000.

Glo Mobile Nigeria has revamped and rechristened the Glo HSI service to "Glo Bolt", in an effort to make it become the most exciting internet service offering. Following the launch of this revamped Glo High Speed Internet service, new Glo Bolt Modems are to replace the Glo NetPro modems.

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Best Tutorial Blog in Nigeria (2012) is OgbongeBlog

The 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards has come and gone but guess what? Our blog, "OgbongeBlog" emerged the "judges' choice" as the winner of the BEST TUTORIAL BLOG in Nigeria for the year 2012. This was announced via a Live Twitter event @naijablogawards on 19th of Nov, 2012, and also published on the NigerianBlogAwards website.

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Blog on the Go with the New Official Blogger App for Android

Now you can blog on the go, update your blog at will and administer your blog with your Android device. The official blogger app for android was recently updated on the 14th of November, 2012.

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Tubidy.com : Watch and Search for Mobile Videos for FREE

Right on this blog, I have shared with you, website where you can search for games downloads and website for free mp3 downloads. Today, am sharing with you, a mobile video search engine.

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Want To Open Liberty Reserve Account FREE? Here Are The Steps..

You've stumbled on online investment programs that pays into Liberty Reserve accounts? You've stumbled an articles, that claim you can use Liberty Reserve to open and verify a Paypal account? You've read somewhere that you can be making money online by buying and selling LR? No matter what the case may be, you will need to create your own Liberty Reserve account.

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Top 7 Android Apps You Must Have On Your Android Device

This is a guest post compiled by Ahmed Onawale

Google play store is the arsenal of Android apps and games, if you have been there you would realize that there are tons of free android apps available for download, though there are some that are paid apps. I don't know what the future holds, but right now as far as am concerned, Android comes top among other mobile phone OS when it comes to apps. In this post, am sharing with you, my top 7 Android apps.

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How I Share My Laptop Internet With my iPad 3G Without Using WiFi

Recently, I shared a post on how to Share Glo internet subscriptions with other Glo SIMs without networking. This new innovation from Globacom Nigeria now makes it possible for me to browse the internet on my iPad using the internet bundle I use to browse on my laptop without having to subscribe to a separate internet bundle on the Apple iPad 3G.

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Codes For Glo Mobile BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription)

You can browse the internet on your BB and chat with Blackberry Messenger with your Glo Mobile SIM card if you are subscribed to any of the Glo Blackberry Internet packages. Globacom Blackberry Internet Subscription plans are affordable and completely different from the Glo Mobile data bundles for computers, mobile phones and tablets.

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How To Open Google Adsense Account From Blogger Dashboard

If you want to make money online from Google Adsense Pay-Per-Click program, you must have an approved Google Adsense account. You don't have to buy Google Adsense account because you can get it free of charge if your application meets up with the requirements.

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How To Change AdDynamo Ads Display from Image to Text Only

Yesterday, a friend complained to me that he is tired of seeing Ad-Dynamo ad banners on his blog and would love to run only Ad Dynamo text ads on his blog. I let him realize that it is possible even if he doesn't want to block AdDynamo ads completely. In this post, I have decided to share with you how I guided him in configuring his AdDynamo channels to display only text ads.

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Social Feeds for Blackberry Lets You View and Post To Your Social Applications In One Location

The Blackberry Social Feeds app is a pre-installed application on most Blackberry phones. It is one of my favorite BlackBerry apps, not just because it serves as an RSS reader for BB, but because I can use it to post to Facebook, Twitter and BBM at ONCE while it also lets me keep tabs on friends, family and my professional life in ONE location.

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Top 13 Nigerian Job Search Websites for latest Jobs Nigeria

At Alexa, you can always know the top sites in the web in Nigeria, ordered by Alexa traffic rank. Yesterday, I decided to find out the top 13 Nigerian Job Search websites on Alexa where you can get latest Nigeria jobs and current Job vacancies in Nigeria. Below is the list I was able to come up with.

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Naij.com: Get Hot News in Nigeria and Meet A Date For Chat

Recently, I shared some of my favourite blogs and websites where you can get latest news in Nigeria. Today, I am sharing with you, www.naij.com; a Nigerian portal for all Nigerian news - politics, business, arts & culture, entertainment and much more.

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Vote OgbongeBlog as 2012 "Best Tutorial Blog" and "Nigerian Blog of The Year"

Recently, I announced here that our blog, OgbongeBlog has been nominated in three different categories for the 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards. This wouldn't have happened without your support, directly or indirectly. Hence, I am using this opportunity to THANK YOU once again. God Bless You.

Well, I still need you to do one more thing for me. Whether you took part in the nomination process or not, I want you to PLEASE vote for OgbongeBlog TODAY!. Please, I need you to vote "OgbongeBlog" as the BEST TUTORIAL BLOG and NIGERIAN BLOG OF THE YEAR.

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How To Write Blog Posts Using Nokia Phones OviMail App

You have a Nokia phone and wondering if you can be using it to write posts to your Blogger blog? Well, YOU CAN. In one of my recent posts, I published how Mail2Blogger Lets You Post To Your Blog by Sending Emails. In this post, I am sharing with you, how to use the Mail2Blogger and the Nokia's OviMail application in publishing posts to your Blogger blog.

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How To Add Scrolling Effect to Blogger Link Lists

With some few lines of css, you can make a LinkList on your Blogger blog to become scroll-able. This will be helpful in adjusting the height of a LinkList that looks so long on your blog. Below is an example of a scrolling Link List gadget on my blog which am using to display links to some blogging tips on my blog.

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How To Use NameCheap FREE DNS To Set Up Blogger Custom Domain With Registrars That Do Not Offer DNS Management

Recently, Blogger changed how we set up custom domain for Blogspot blogs, now making it compulsory to set up 2 CNAMEs before a custom domain can work with a blogspot address. Out of the 2 CNAMEs, one is the same for all blogger blogs (ghs.google.com) while the other is unique to each blog.

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How To Share Glo Internet Subscriptions With Other Glo SIMs Without Networking

Globacom Nigeria now has a provision for Glo HSI subscribers to share their Glo data plans at the beginning of subscription or while it is in use. Right now, I use the same glo subscription on my laptop, iPad and smartphones without having to subscribe separately on each device.  In this post, I am explaining how I shared my Always Max bundle across my devices.

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How To Block Irrelevant AdDynamo Ads

When Google disabled ad-serving to the mobstac-powered mobile version of my blog, (m.ogbongeblog.com), I monetized it with AdDynamo for two months, made some money and got paid directly into my bank account but I am still not satisfied with the AdDynamo Pay Per Click program which eventually led me to remove their ads from my mobile site after Google ads were restored to the site.

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