Get Free Glo Mobile Nano SIM

In one of my posts, I shared with you the price and where to buy MTN Nano SIM card in Nigeria. Today, am delighted to inform you that you can get a Glo Nano and Micro SIM cards for FREE. Hence, no need for you to stress yourself in cutting your normal SIM card into a Nano or micro SIM card.

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How Do I Get My Adsense Money?

"Will Google send my check to my email, so I can print it out, then take it to the bank?"

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How Can I Purchase A Domain Name?

One of my blog readers contacted me yesterday, asking me for where to buy a domain name. After recommending some cheap domain name registrars to him, he replied again asking me how he can buy domain name from the recommended sites. So, I decided to come up with this tutorial.

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Download OgbongeBlog's BB App from Blackberry App World

If you have a Blackberry smartphone, you can now download the Blackberry application for Ogbongeblog at the Blackberry appworld; free of charge.

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How To Divide Blogger Header Into Two Sections

The Blogger template designer allows you to customize your blog template but as at the time of publishing this tutorial, you cannot use it to split the header of your blogger blog into two. Today, am sharing with you, how I divided my blog's header into two after following a tutorial at BloggerSentral, making it possible for me to add extra gadgets beside my blog logo.

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iTunes 12 Days of Gifts Starts Today

From December 26 — January 6, you can download one free gift every day —songs, apps, books, movies, and more —when you get the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas app.  Each day between now and January 6th, when you open the app, new content will be available for free.

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Steps To Adding Breadcrumb Navigation Below Posts

Readers of your blog can easily know which post and which section of your blog they are, if you have added the breadcrumb navigation to your blog. Most bloggers using wordpress and Blogger platforms use the navigation system alot to make their blog readers stay longer on their blogs.

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Music.Eskimi.com: Download Nigerian Music Free

Eskimi in partnership with iROKING, Africa’s number one music site, has launched a new website for downloading Nigerian music. The new site, music.eskimi.com, is for the exclusive use of Eskimi’s millions of users, more than 5 million of which are in Nigeria.

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Blackberry Protect App Lets You Back Up, Secure and Track Stolen BB

If you are in need of a blackberry protection app that can secure your information if your BlackBerry smartphone goes missing, you can download Blackberry Protect application from the blackberry app world if it is not pre-installed in your BB. If pre-installed, you will have to activate it via "Set Up" on your Blackberry.

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Google+: How To Mention People In Blogger Posts

You can now add a link to a Google+ profile or page when you want to mention someone in a post on your Blogger blog. Google announced the new feature as a new way to grab someone’s attention from a Blogspot blog. If you share your post from Blogger to Google+ after mentioning someone, Google makes it easier to notify your mentions by including them in the sharebox.

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BloggersLab Get-Together: Come and Meet Bloggers One-on-One

I am using this opportunity to invite you to the 2012 Nigerian Bloggers get-together powered by BloggersLab - top facebook group for Bloggers. The event has been scheduled to take place on the 29th of Dec, 2012 somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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How To Share Glo Bolt Modem Plans

You've bought the Glo Bolt internet modem and now wondering how you can share your Glo data plans? Well, it's quite easy to do, right at the Glo Bolt HSI page provided you've subscribed to at least the Glo Always Min data plan.

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How to Use VConnect.Com to Find Addresses of Businesses in Nigeria

If you are just heading to a new locality for business or pleasure, finding nice air port car hire services, a reliable Nigerian travel agency and the right kind of hotel and suites that suit your budget and needs can turn out to be challenging task, especially if you are visiting the place for the first time. This is where an organized and competent local search engine can play a pivotal role.

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How Do I Center Addynamo Ads In My Blog Header?

You have created your AdDynamo account, copied and added the ad codes to your blog but still not satisfied with the way the ad appears on your blog? Well, you can centralize the ad with some lines of codes. In this post, am sharing with you, how to make your AdDynamo ad appear in the middle of your blog header.

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TechLaunchPad.Com.Ng: Technology Innovation Programme For Software Entrepreneurs

The Nigeria Federal Ministry of Communication Technology in collaboration with industry partners has launched a Technology Innovation Programme called TechLaunchPad to nurture and develop software entrepreneurs who have a vision to build successful software companies that support the industry.

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How Can I Connect My 2go Chat App and Facebook Account?

If you connect your 2go chat app to your Facebook account, you will be able to chat with your Facebook friends without them knowing you are chatting with them using the 2go app on your phone. Despite explaining "How to use 2go to chat with Facebook friends", I keep receiving emails from 2go app users, asking me how to link Facebook and 2go chat app together.

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How To Pay for Ads If You Want To Advertise Using Google Adwords

I guess you are ready to start promoting your business or website via the pay per click advertising on the Google search engine but don't know how to pay for the ads as a Nigerian right? Just relax as I share with you how I pay for Google Ads with my Nigerian credit cards. If you don't know how Google Adwords works, you can read : "What is the meaning of Google Adwords" before going ahead to read this.

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Blackberry Hanging Problem: How I Solved It Using AppLoader

If you own a Blackberry phone, am sure you will be used to blackberry hanging up for some seconds or minutes, making it impossible to do anything on the BB until you carry out a soft reset, hard reset or wait for some minutes for it to return to normal by itself. Unfortunately, last week Saturday, I experienced a very serious blackberry hanging problem that rendered my Blackberry totally useless for more than two days.

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Funny Xmas Cartoons

If you are in need of funny Christmas cartoons, pictures to use as your Facebook profile picture, bbm display picture or Twitter avatar, have got some collections for you.

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GetDp.net: Download Free Display Pictures for Blackberry DP

Recently,  I shared with you, myowndp.com, as a website where you can download free display pictures for Blackberry Messenger and also introduced bbmanimated.com, as a website where you can get free animated blackberry messenger display pictures. Today, I am sharing with you, another website where you can download free blackberry display pictures.

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