Adsense Ads Disabled For Format Mimicking? These Tips Might Help

Before Christmas, I received a warning from Google Adsense Team about FORMAT MIMICKING and I was told to make changes within 3 working days. After reading through the explanation of the Format Mimicking Adsense Policy, I made some changes despite the the fact that I was confused about what changes exactly I need to make.

Before I made the changes, I used to have a 728x90 leatherboard ad directly below the navigation bar which displays on ALL pages of my blog. There was also a 336x280 Large rectangle ad directly below my post titles as well as immediately after my blog posts. I blended all the ads to match the colour of my blog and posts. The 336x280 ad directly below my post titles wasn't aligned with the content. It was implemented in a way that it pushed the content of my blog posts below the fold.

After reading through many articles about Format Mimicking, I thought it's all about the colour. So, I changed the colour style of my ads to look different from my posts and also removed the chitika ads on my blog. Unfortunately, after 12 days that I received the warning, I received a message that Google Ad serving has been disabled to my blog. I was surprised and confused because it became obvious that it wasn't just about the colour.

I decided to re-arrange my blog. I removed all Adsense ads on my blog from their locations and added a new ad unit on the left sidebar (new location) with unique colour style.  I removed all third-party ad banners on the left sidebar of my blog and moved them to the right sidebar to ensure that there is no image close to the new ad unit. I also edited the title and the content of the post referenced in the warning. Thereafter, I filled the Adsense appeal form, making sure I explained in details, the changes I made.

After I appealed, I decided to focus my energy more on marketing my info products and internet services because I just didn't know how long it will take Google to re-enable ads on my blog. Fortunately, after 7 days that I appealed, I received a message that ad-serving has been restored to my blog. I was so happy because I never thought the ads could be restored so quick. The last time ad-serving was disabled to, it took Google over 2 months to re-enable ads to the site. You can see, am so lucky this time around..

Right now, I am trying to implement the Adsense ads on my blog according to the Adsense implementation guide to avoid troubles in the nearest future. I will keep you posted as regards the

Nevertheless, it all turns out to be a blessing to me because I have now discovered how to make more money with my blog using Adsense with Chitika ads together and it's making some sense so far. More so, it forced me to start a new blog which I will make public after getting some cool search engine traffic to it. In addition, am now working on new ways of making money online in 2013.

I hope this helps.

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Bunmi said…
Guess it's because you are a Pro, that's why you were warned. I suspect the 2 ads you implemented above the fold. Glad you now have your ads back though.
Ayuub Adewale said…
that's why u be "ogbonge"thnks so much
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Thanks. I have restricted the 728x90 to the homepage, so that 2 ads won't be above the fold. I have also implemented the ad below my post title in such a way that it is aligned with content and not in a way that pushes content down the fold.
Jide Ogunsanya said… welcome bro
Kayode said…
Just thinking. How much have you made from Adsense and are they really the best? Thanks
Mbaegbu Emeka said…
u 2 try ma bro keep it up
When you say "The 336x280 ad directly below my post titles wasn't aligned with the content. It was implemented in a way that it pushed the content of my blog posts below the fold." what exactly do you mean. am struggling to understand it right now.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Yes, the best for me so far. I make some cool money with it without stressing myself.
Jide Ogunsanya said…
Thanks man
Jide Ogunsanya said…
It means it was implemented in a way that the ad was directly below the post title and directly above the content but it is better if the content is aligned to the right or left side of the ad. Get it?
Ahmsta said…
I got this same warning recently concerning my file sharing site ( too, that my ads are mislabeled, because i placed ads directly under some page links by the side bars which in turns will look like the links on top is the headings for the ads. unknowingly to me, But thanks to the support forum my attention was called to those sections so i was able to made necessary adjustments before the deadline i was given.

i think what Google really wants is to make sure publishers place ads and make sure its very visible and obvious to readers that the ads are advertisements and not part of the site contents
otobong said…
Trust me, you are so lucky, mine took upto 1 month. Well done for the tips. I will follow the google adsense placement guide once my blog is activated
Dailyschoolnews said…
Hello bro, thanks for this wonderful tutorial, please i have the same issue with my tech blog @ and i'm just practically clueless about what exactly i'm to do exactly, please can you link me to a post on using the google appeal form?

or you can give me the direct link.
Thanks bro.
good job bro am still a novice i just ne
ed tips on how to manage a blog