Download Private Photo App for Blackberry : Hide Pictures On BB

If you are the type that doesn't feel comfortable when someone else scrolls through your blackberry photo album just because you don't want them to see some pictures on your BB, worry no more as am sharing with you today, a blackberry app that lets you hide photos on your BB.

Blackberry "Private Photo" app helps you to create a private album to lock your private pictures. You can save any picture you want in this private album and no one can access without password! It is a perfect tool to lock your media pictures! It is available as free download at the Blackberry app world.

Download Private Photo App here or search the Blackberry app world for "Private Photo".

Do you know other free Blackberry applications that hide photos? Please, let me hear from you via comments. 

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NB: If you delete the application from your BB, you will lose all locked pictures, so please be careful. If you need to delete the app, make sure you unlock all pictures before the deletion.


  1. Tomiwa1/15/2013

    Nice share. This app is really for me. Thanks alot but do you know the blackberry app that can hide videos?

    1. You can try "Private Files" but not free

  2. Cool. This would help keep some poke-nosing people off my pics.

    1. Yeah. The app is cool. Glad it's useful to you

  3. Nice app, But i hate the fact that once the app is deleted all pictures hidden by it will also get lost. That scares me, because anything could happen then those precious pictures are gone.

    For now i hide my pictures using the "files" app in the application folder. Works well for me

    1. If you unlock the pictures before deleting the app, you will not lose your pictures. The "files" app method is cool though.


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