How I Browse With Glo BIS on iPad

Got hinted at Bloggerslab that Glo BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) now works on computer, smartphones and decided to give it a try on my iPad. Guess what? It's working perfectly as at the time of publishing this post.

So, How?

==> Switch off your iPad

==> Remove your GLO SIM from the iPad and insert it into any phone. In fact, I used Nokia torchlight..

==> Subscribe to Glo BIS with your Glo SIM.
Text "coweek" to 777 for N400/week plan and text "comonth" to 777 for N1400/month plan.

==> Remove the Glo SIM from the phone and re-insert into your iPad

==> Power ON your iPad

==> Tap "Settings" icon

==> Tap "Mobile Data/Cellular Data" ==> "APN Settings"

==> Enter "" as the APN, leave the username and password blank (do not type anything there)

==> Tap "Mobile data/ Cellular data" and slide it to OFF

==> After few seconds, slide it back ON

==> Fire on your iPad safari browser and surf anyhow you like.

If you have Mediaburner app for iPad, you can even use it to download Youtube videos to your iPad. Goodreader app and VideoDLPro app are also good downloaders for iPad.

That's all.

NOTE: "coweek" gives you 700MB while "comonth gives you 3Gigs which means this is far better than the Airtel BIS been used by some guys to browse on computer.

I don't really know how long Glo will allow this to work. So, if it fails to work for you by the time you will be reading this, Glo might have blocked it. I pray they don't since they are not losing. At least, we are subscribing....

Guys said the Glo BIS works on modems too but can't say much about it right now because I tried it and it didn't work for me, probably because I still have active Glo data plan on the same Glo SIM.

Make sure you subscribe to this blog here so you won't be missing this kind of freebie.

Update: You can also follow the steps above to browse with Glo BIS on your iPhone.

Have fun!.


  1. Hmnn..good strategy from Glo because this wasn't working as at last year. Guess they realized the Airtel BIS on PC has really been helping Aitel and now wants to take advantage of it. This why I like competition. Enjoying the Glo BIS on my bolt modem too. Glo rocks

  2. Anonymous1/03/2013

    Yes, The Glo BIS works fine on my computer too with my Glo modem. Guess its because you still have normal data plan on your SIM as you said. That's why it is not working for you.

    Have now dumped my Airtel SIM for Glo oooo. Rule your world

    1. Yes, my MB is been deducted from my active data plan instead of the BIS. Will exhaust the data plan asap so I can enjoy the Glo BIS oo

  3. Mr James pls did u change ur default glo configuration?

    1. Yes, create a new profile using "" as the APN

  4. Bro Jide, can it work on phones, i mean other phones apart from iOS like Nokia devices.

    1. Yes, provided you can create a new configuration on the Nokia phone with "" as the APN.

  5. Anonymous1/05/2013

    Is it applicable to samsung galaxy tab?

  6. How can I use it on laptop

  7. Anonymous2/23/2013

    Now the apn name is not work no glosecure or gloflat wondering what is going on


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